This Could Be Why WVU is Still Not Ranked and it Should Infuriate Mountaineer Fans

This Could Be Why WVU is Still Not Ranked and it Should Infuriate Mountaineer Fans

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This Could Be Why WVU is Still Not Ranked and it Should Infuriate Mountaineer Fans

The College Football Playoff rankings released again on November 14 and the committee has continued to prove that they are pretty much a clueless, inconsistent mess when it comes to ranking teams.

Granted, the top 8 is really all that is important this time of year and those teams are placed pretty well, except for Oklahoma who has done more than enough to warrant a top 2 spot, but that is just my opinion.

But if you look at the spots of 17 through 25 you should notice complete biased mayhem. Now, like I said, the top 8 is all anyone cares about, but the whole system goes deeper than that. Those top eight teams have to get quality wins to impress the committee and that biased room has their agenda that they try not to reveal, but reveal, they do.

It is a pretty well known fact that the mainstream media, particularly ESPN, does not prefer the Big 12 conference. They don’t like the fast paced, spread offenses that put up a lot of points and they say it’s not real football and that the conference plays no defense. They completely ignore the fact that the Big 12 has arguably the three top quarterback’s in football in Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph and Will Grier. Mayfield is the Heisman favorite and the reason the media has taken a liking to him is because he dominated their beloved Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus. Rudolph is a legit prototype NFL passer and the Mountaineers’ Grier has thrown 34 touchdown passes, which is second in the nation. But nope, none of that matters. They don’t play defense.

Anyway, back to the rankings.

Michigan State is ranked 17th. The same Spartans team that just lost to Ohio State 48-3. Yes, a team in the top 20 actually lost a football game by a score of 48-3 and did so RECENTLY. Now at the same time, Mark Dantonio’s team does have a win at Michigan (more on them in a second)–even though it was in a downpour of rain, but still it counts as a win– and they beat Iowa and Penn State. However, Iowa just got crushed by Wisconsin so that win isn’t as impressive and Penn State’s schedule is pretty weak so I’m not sure anyone knows how good they really are. They have Saquon Barkley at running back, but he has slipped as of late so they cannot be judged on him either. But since Ohio State beat them soundly and since the committee loves their blue blood Buckeyes, they keep Michigan State up there pretty high so they can say “look what Ohio State did to that top 20 team.” there’s your first biased point and there are plenty more.

N.C. State is ranked 19th. The Wolfpack have beaten NO ONE of importance. They are a solid 7-3, but their seven wins are not ranking worthy, at least not this high. Their best win is over Louisville, an average 6-4 team. The Wolfpack have played two ranked teams and lost both. They just snuck by Boston College this past weekend 17-14 in a barnburner. Why is N.C. State ranked in the top 20? Because it gives Clemson an extra top 20 win to put on their resume’ so the CFP committee can try their best to offset their embarrassing loss to Syracuse. Oh, by the way, Syracuse is 4-6 and just gave up 64 points to Wake Forest. And that’s the team that beat Clemson. Clemson is ahead of Oklahoma in case you were wondering.

I completely understand why Northwestern is ranked 23rd. They only lost to Duke by 24 points and Duke is awesome this year. They are 4-6 and have losses to Virginia, Pittsburgh and Army. They also lost to Florida State, who is terrible and scored three points at home in a loss to Virginia Tech. But they beat Northwestern by 24 points and Northwestern is ranked in the top 25. That is utterly ridiculous.

That brings us to Michigan. The Wolverines got a lot of credit early in the year with a dominating win over Florida. Well, today that is a laughable analogy as the Gators have gotten worse every week and fired their coach halfway through the season. Here’s a fact: Michigan’s wins are over opponents with a combined record of 31-48. They have beaten Florida (3-6), Cincinnati (3-7), Air Force (4-6), Purdue (4-6), Indiana (4-6,in overtime), Rutgers (4-6), Minnesota (5-5) and Maryland (4-6). That may be the worst resume’ of a top 25 playoff ranking team since it came into existence. This poll is supposedly about quality wins. What Michigan’s ranking tells me is that if you beat ZERO teams with winning records, you will be rewarded for it. And when they lose to Wisconsin this weekend, the committee can protect its beloved Big 10 and point to a win over a ranked team for the Badgers. The bias is strong here.

Boise State made its debut in the poll at number 25. This makes me wonder something. Does the committee not want West Virginia in the poll? If not, why? Boise State’s best win is over San Diego State. Are the Aztecs better than Iowa State, the Mountaineer’s best win? Boise also has an overtime loss to Washington State. That must be weighing heavily in their favor even though WVU has losses to two top 15 teams and Virginia Tech. West Virginia also has wins over Texas Tech and Kansas State and although those are nothing to brag about they are ten times better than any win Michigan has or even Boise has. The Mountaineers also have no bad losses when last year a quality loss seemed to be more important than a solid win.

So here is why West Virginia is most likely not ranked: The committee and the mainstream media is going to try like heck to keep the Big 12 out of the playoffs. They did it in 2015 when TCU and Baylor both had a case for making it. TCU went into the last week of that season ranked third, won by 50 and dropped four spots because they did not play a conference championship game. Then last year Ohio State made it without even making it to their conference championship game, much less winning one. If WVU was in the rankings, that would give Oklahoma another nice win (assuming WVU beats Texas this weekend) on November 25. Plus they would then have the Big 12 title game to further pad their resume’. But as of tonight, that cannot happen. The committee cannot fathom it.

One thing is for certain. If West Virginia beats Texas this weekend to get to 8-3, 6-2 in the Big 12 and is still unranked next week, then the CFP playoff committee’s bias would be at an all-time high and they should be eliminated immediately.


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