Mountaineers Continue To Play Major Role In College Football Playoff

Mountaineers Continue To Play Major Role In College Football Playoff

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Mountaineers Continue To Play Major Role In College Football Playoff

No, the Mountaineers have no chance of making the college football playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t play a major role in its outcome.

With only two games remaining before the end of the regular season the Oklahoma Sooners have only Kansas and West Virginia left to play.

Let’s be honest, Oklahoma will take Kansas behind the woodshed this weekend. But the pending matchup for the Sooners against the Mountaineers will have major implications in the postseason.

Our Brandon Baker outlined why he felt the Mountaineers were still not included in the latest CFP Top 25 (Read article here). And whether you believe in conspiracy theories or not there is undoubtedly some truth to why Baker felt the Mountaineers continued to be on the outside looking in.

If the Sooners lose to the Mountaineers you can rest assured there will be no Big 12 team in the college playoff, no matter the outcome of the Big 12 Championship game. A two loss Big 12 team has no chance of getting the invite to the show.

Now if the Sooners happen to beat an unranked Mountaineers team it does not necessary prove to be a resume booster.

But it could get even worse for the Sooners. If the Mountaineers can go into Norman and beat the Sooners (something they have been unable to do since joining the Big 12) it would put Oklahoma in a 4-way tie atop the Big 12 conference with West Virginia, TCU, and Oklahoma State.

Having no clearcut regular season winner (tiebreaker not withstanding) it could be a negative mark against the conference as a whole considering there is only one other Top 10 team in the conference, Oklahoma State.

So what needs to happen here? Well, for the betterment of the conference Oklahoma needs to beat WVU November 25th. Because  two things can result from a Sooner’s loss on the 25th. First, it could put the Mountaineers in the Big 12 Championship game (yes there is still an outside chance of this happening) and second, it would all but solidify the Big 12’s exclusion yet again from the college football playoff.

We know where the Big 12 conference stands, we also know where Mountaineer Nation stands…. Beat Oklahoma.


Featured image courtesy Ben Queen, USAT


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