Mountaineer Fans Take to Twitter to Show Love for Football Team and Coaches

Mountaineer Fans Take to Twitter to Show Love for Football Team and Coaches

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Mountaineer Fans Take to Twitter to Show Love for Football Team and Coaches

The Mountaineers ended their regular season Saturday evening following a 59-31 loss to the Sooners in Norman. As Mountaineers fans tend to do when the team is not blowing out their opponents, social media was full of ‘fire this coach, fire that coach’ and other negativity as soon as the Sooners started wracking up the points. While many fans were typing away negativity into their 140 characters, just as many if not more were reminding others that this West Virginia team can and will do great things.

When the going gets tough, as it often feels to be a regular trip for West Virginia, there are always the fans that maintain a positive outlook on Mountaineer football to come. Despite the loss, many fans sung the praises of these coaches and players and attempted to lift up the ‘mood’ of social media at a time when negativity was found on multiple social media platforms.

Many fans took to Twitter to point out how proud they were of this team, despite the loss to one of top teams in the country. Social media has become such a mainstream part of society over the last few years that it goes without saying that players see the good AND the bad tweets and comments that are typed and left on the internet.

Instead of focusing on the negative, we’ve gathered together a set of tweets that show how proud of this team West Virginia fans are after Saturday’s loss.

@ChrisCarlsonCT tweeted: “@TonyGibsonWVU let’s remember that a) our DAWGS are young and b) @OU_Football might be the #1 team in the country with an incredible offense- playing w/o @willgrier_ and Bosch, Chugs making his 1st start on the road. I’m proud of my Mountaineers #HailWV”

@EERSNATION tweeted: “Can’t understand for one second why anyone would say Fire Gibby! I think our D needs some tweaks but with what he has returning next year and these young guys coming in… Watch out!”

tweeted: “@TonyGibsonWVU Coach you are important part of WV Football and are loved by the fans. Hang in there True Mountaineers have your back & believe”

@OptimizedTradin tweeted: “Im very excited 4 the Future of @WVUfootball, Recruiting & Facilities are taking a huge steps forward, and if just a few more of the highly talented & targeted players commit, + current commits, this could be the class that brings it ! could be revered for yrs”

@WVGirl2285 tweeted: “I get so mad at these so called fans wanting to fire coaches. @Holgorsendana and @TonyGibsonWVU make @WVUfootball. Every team has losses, we still had a good season! I would hate to lose either of them!

This is just a small sample of the positive tweets supporting the coaches and players on West Virginia’s team. Despite the loss to a powerful Oklahoma team, the Mountaineers did play until the end. Fans across the country clearly noticed this, regardless of negative statements that may be made, it is clear that fans still rally around this Mountaineer team.




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