Three Mountaineers use WVU education for Super Bowl quality software technology

Three Mountaineers use WVU education for Super Bowl quality software technology

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Three Mountaineers use WVU education for Super Bowl quality software technology

At West Virginia, fans give Mountaineers athletes all of their love and the athletes give all they can on the field or court during their time playing in the Old Gold and Blue. Once these athlete’s graduation and move on to the professional leagues, and their careers, there is the subtle assumption that those players will continue to give back to the University. For one Super Bowl-bound Mountaineer and two of his fellow Mountaineers, the idea of giving back to the University is on the front on their minds. The software they developed was integrated in the Philadelphia Eagles Mobile application this season and now will enable fans to experience Super Bowl content like never before.

Najee Goode is not just a Mountaineer playing for the Eagles in Sunday’s Super Bowl, he is also one of the founders of the innovative mobile technology firm VEEPIO alongside Mountaineer Hall of Famer Grant Wiley and Mountaineer Jonathan Ohliger. The three Mountaineers’ software technology is currently being used in the Philadelphia Eagle’s app to enhance Eagles fan experience. The Eagles have been so pleased with the enhanced fan experience they decided to become shareholders in the 3-year-old startup.

VEEPIO is a software development kit (SDK) that creates a deeper connection between brands and people. When users of a mobile application see the VEEPIO logo, they know they are only a tap away from additional relevant content- social media feeds, websites, e-commerce stores and more. They can preview and engage with this content without disrupting the user- experience inside the original mobile app. This kind of user generated pull engagement (as opposed to pushy pop up ads) provides a more memorable user experience, keeps app users engaged longer (generating more advertising revenue for app owners), and allows for the immediate purchase of products without the hassle of opening a separate e-Commerce website or application.

The Eagles have worked this season with this trio of successful Mountaineers to develop the technology to create a personalized Eagles fan experience’s directly with Eagles players on and off the field.

Take a few minutes to download the Eagles app here for iOS users and here for Android. Browse through it, it’s pretty incredible.

Now imagine how incredible this could be for Mountaineers fans not just in West Virginia but across the country. West Virginia also has a game day app, but it has not yet been integrated with the VEEPIO team’s software technology. That may seem strange to most Mountaineers, especially given the Mountaineer connection, but the university has not yet integrated VEEPIO SDK into the WVU game day app. The trio of Mountaineers have made working with the University’s app a goal for 2018. It would be an incredible enhancement to Saturdays in Morgantown this fall.

Goode, Wiley and Ohliger all graduated from West Virginia and have partnered with the West Virginia Resource Corporation, and have even taught an engineering class alongside Professor Thorston Wuest in Morgantown. The three Mountaineers truly bleed Old Gold and Blue, as evidenced by their desire to make their software available for game day app at West Virginia.

VEEPIO is the product of a West Virginia University education.  These Mountaineer athletes have made it their goal to implement this technology in West Virginia’s Game Day app so that West Virginia University can be the catalyst to deliver a better fan experience for over 190 Million passionate fans in all 200+ IMG schools in IMG’s portfolio.

When a high school athlete signs on to play a sport for their time at West Virginia, they learn the traditions and long-lasting love of being a Mountaineer and wearing the Old Gold and Blue. The school provides an education, and the fan base provides their love and support. It may sound cheesy to someone who has never stood in Milan Puskar and sang “Country Roads.” but there is something so special about West Virginia. This is something Ohliger, Wiley and Goode understand unconditionally, and this is part of why integrating their software with West Virginia’s app is the ultimate way to give back; it would quite literally bring the three Mountaineers full circle from the time there were freshmen on the football team.

All three of these Mountaineers have made a great use of their education and experiences at West Virginia, and now they are all coming full circle by coming back to West Virginia with a way to better the university. Plenty of former players continue to give back to the West Virginia community and this is another example of players doing so, with the difference here being that these three are giving the school an opportunity to be on the cusp of technology while factoring in the potential for profits for university.

For Najee Goode, his priority this week is obviously bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia as he experiences his first Super Bowl. While he’s on the field, thousands of Eagles fans, both at home and at the game, will be gaining a greater relationship with his team and organization thanks to the hard work of three Mountaineers. Hopefully one day in the near future Mountaineer Nation will get to share in that same experience.


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