Basketball team's last stretch a series of must-wins

Basketball team's last stretch a series of must-wins

WVU Basketball

Basketball team's last stretch a series of must-wins

The men’s basketball team has literally a handful of games left in the regular season. Over the next two weeks, the Mountaineers take on Kansas (at the Phog no less), Baylor, Iowa State, Texas Tech and Texas. Of these five games, all are must-wins. The Mountaineers are in a position where every second, every foul, every point counts and matters.

Now is not the time to play lazy, it is the time to leave everything on the court. Saturday’s game against the Jayhawks will essentially set the ton for the remaining games. Throughout this season there have been big highs and very, very low lows. These moments don’t need to be re-hashed, we’ve all suffered through some very bad second halves over the last six weeks.

Just a few weeks ago, it sounded like Mr. West Virginia basketball himself was wearing thin on the way his team was playing. If Coach Huggins is getting exasperated by what’s happening on the court, you know that this team needs to step up their fight. Following his comments about the team’s ruining ‘Press Virginia’ and needing to play like his guys normally do, the team managed to bounce back slightly.

Today, and the next two weeks especially, the team needs to do more than bounce back. They need to go into each game with more drive, concentration, energy and overall desire to win than we’ve seen all season.

Take a moment and imagine if this team came out today, and each game over the rest of the regular season and played with the gumption of teams of Huggins’ past. That would be a hell of a site to see, and a hell of a way to end the regular season.

Crazy things can happen in basketball, crazy things happen in the Phog, and sometimes there’s just enough Mountaineer magic to make those crazy things happen.


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