Mountaineers look to give West Virginia advantage with their technology

Mountaineers look to give West Virginia advantage with their technology

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Mountaineers look to give West Virginia advantage with their technology

Updated: Monday March 5, 2018
Monday, March 5 Super Bowl Champion Najee Goode was interviewed live on the Fox Business Network highlighting his work with Mountaineer-founded company, VEEPIO. The Super Bowl champ was interviewed on the Varney & Co show to discuss the company and its work with the Philadelphia Eagles organization. Goode gave a great explanation of the company, and what its purpose is. The interview can be found here, which gives Mountaineer Nation a glimpse at what opportunities VEEPIO could give West Virginia University in the near future.
It’s been almost three weeks since the Philadelphia Eagles played their hearts out to win the Super Bowl. Now that it’s officially the off-season, the Eagles players are likely enjoying some much deserved downtime. One player in particular though, is back at work and looking to give back to the school that helped lay the foundation for his football and professional careers. Najee Goode and his two fellow Mountaineers, Jonathan Ohliger and Grant Wiley, are looking straight down the country roads to West Virginia University for their next endeavor with the technology they’ve created, which was successfully used by the Philadelphia Eagles Mobile App during their Super Bowl victory.
Prior to the Super Bowl, we wrote a little introduction to what these Mountaineers have been working on over the past several years, leading up to the big game in Minnesota. Now, the three Mountaineers at VEEPIO have their eyes set on making a difference in West Virginia.

VEEPIO has already developed an existing relationship with the university outside of the football program. They have worked alongside the WVURC and have had the help and guidance of both Bruce Sparks and President Gordon Gee. While working with the university the three Mountaineers taught entrepreneurship classes through the School of Engineering. At a time when football players can just walk away from the schools and programs they grew up in, these three are doing the opposite and focusing on bettering the university and its athletic programs as the next big priority.

The VEEPIO crew is making it a goal to help West Virginia graduates transition into lives after graduation by creating 21st century jobs in Morgantown and hiring West Virginia residents throughout the state. VEEPIO has gone so far as to have an office set up in Morgantown. Imagine being a young graduate of the university and getting the opportunity to work for such a state-of-the-art company and stay in Morgantown. That’s the dream for most undergrads.

Jonathan Ohliger, CEO of VEEPIO states, “Serving WVU and the people of West Virginia with the technology we have created has always been a goal for Najee, Grant, and myself. As our Chief of Culture Grant Wiley has  been diligent in reminding us that to lead we must serve.  No one has personified those ideals more than Najee Goode. Najee is determined to use our technology to become a catalyst for all of those who provided us the opportunities we have today. Whether Najee is showing charities in Philadelphia how to use our technology to serve the Philadelphia community or designing features that communicate stories between players and the connected fan, he remains focused on bringing opportunity to West Virginia.”

On the heels of the success of the Super Bowl, Najee Goode and his VEEPIO teammates want to connect with West Virginia University to find a way to integrate their mobile softwaretechnology into the school’s existing game day app experience. Working with West Virginia on enhancing their game day app would be an incredible opportunity for West Virginia University at a time where universities need to have the cutting edge and best technologies in terms of recruiting athletes and bringing non-athlete students to school.

By West Virginia being the first university to follow in the footsteps of the Super Bowl Champion Eagles, the school would have a definitive advantage over other schools. Imagine recruiting a basketball player from another country, which we have several on the team currently. What if his family at home could download the school’s IMG gameday app and instantly gain a personalized up close look at his team mates, games, and fan experiences are like? Think of the possibility of all of Sagaba Konate and Maciej Bender’s families having this access; especially when the two play for their senior nights. VEEPIO is offering this possibility to West Virginia.

The fact that VEEPIO is looking to partner with West Virginia is the embodiment of Pat White’s infamous quote “Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer.” They have had success in taking what they have learned in Morgantown, honing in on the skills learned and perfecting them (is there higher success in this instance than the Super Bowl?) and now taking the country roads back home to implement the technology at WVU.

VEEPIO looks to do what is expected of Mountaineers after their athletic careers are done at West Virginia. This Saturdayis the first of the last two home basketball games for the men’s team this year. Had the school had the technology VEEPIO looks to provide them, these games and the games for all sports this season, would have been much more fan-friendly both at the game and at home.

Now, VEEPIO hopes to help set West Virginia apart at a time when colleges compete for students and student-athletes at an increasingly competitive level. Having played on Mountaineer Field, and walked the halls and buildings of the university to better themselves, VEEPIO now looks to come in and set the stage for future Mountaineers and their future successes.

Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer.


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