Coach Holgorsen's team continues to learn through each practice

Coach Holgorsen's team continues to learn through each practice

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Coach Holgorsen's team continues to learn through each practice

Saturday afternoon was one of the West Virginia football team’s first few practices of the 2018 season. Head coach Dana Holgorsen briefly addressed the media Saturday to give a little insight into the day’s practice and how the weeks to come would pan out for the team.

Saturday afternoon was the first the time for the team to wear helmets, but not yet in full pads. Coach Holgorsen pointed out that this period in practice was a great time for learning, both coaches and players, and use this time to grow as much as possible.

“This is the first time their helmets have been on so it’s been pretty much just non-contact and a lot of teaching. I liked it just because it is a lot of teaching,” Holgorsen said.

The first big ‘test’ for the football team will be the team’s spring game in early April. The team has essentially from now until the spring game to sort out all of the kinks in the team, and highlight the growth and skills learned during the off-season. Coach Holgorsen pointed out that each week will bring something new to the team in terms of learning and practicing.

“Day one no helmets, day two no helmets, day three helmets, but we aren’t even wearing uppers today you have spider pads on. That’s a different way of teaching. In the next progression, you put the shoulder pads on. Maybe do that that Tuesday, might do that tomorrowThursday, we might put the pants on and actually tackle. There are different ways,” Holgorsen remarked. “One of my main objectives as a head coach is to get every one of these guys to understand how we practice and the specific ways that we practice. Whatever we are wearing is going to dictate how we practice. So, tackling progression, practice progression, blocking progression, that will change the closer we get the closer we get to the spring game.”

There are always changes for football teams, players and coaches come and go during the off-season. The time to introduce and re-introduce the game to the team is now and from the sounds of it, Coach Holgorsen is going to use this time for his players and coaches to learn all they can to have a successful 2018 season.


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