Grier focusing on further improvements through the off-season

Grier focusing on further improvements through the off-season

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Grier focusing on further improvements through the off-season

Spring football practice is well underway, and by the looks of things it seems that the team in well on their way to making strides to improve upon last season. Several team members were made available to the media at Thursday’s practice, one of which was starting quarterback Will Grier.

Following Grier’s season-ending injury last fall, the quarterback has finally been cleared for full go in practice and is ready to use his spring to grow and further develop his skills. The spring is the perfect time to test the waters, especially coming off of an injury to your throwing hand, and from the sound of it all; it appears this is Grier’s plan for the near future.

“There were some situations where we know we could have had a better play or could have had a better mindset going into the third down than we did. It’s miserable tape to watch that we’ve watched the past couple days because you’re watching all of the failures on third down,” Grier said. “But it’s good tape to watch because you can say, ‘What could we have done differently?’ We’ve picked that up and tried to take it and get into more efficient plays to become more efficient on third down, especially.”

Grier has been known as a natural-born learner and leader, with both skills getting better and better during his time at West Virginia. Now, coming on the heels of his hand injury, Grier looks to continue to learn and develop all of his skills on the football field. The quarterback has also been pleased with the development of his team’s offense overall, especially since he has not been an active participant for a short period of time.

“I think that speaks back to the high-percentage plays. Instead of throwing the ball deep every play, maybe take a higher efficiency throw. Like I said, that’s really the talk right now,” Grier said. “That’s our focus right now, just higher percentages.”

While there is still plenty of time before the football season is actually underway, the spring is moving along faster and those September days will be here in the blink of an eye. Will Grier clearly sees that and is using his time to the fullest, hoping to bring more skill to his team. And hopefully a season to remember, too.


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