Coach Holgorsen's Inaugural Walk a success for WVU Medicine Children's

Coach Holgorsen's Inaugural Walk a success for WVU Medicine Children's

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Coach Holgorsen's Inaugural Walk a success for WVU Medicine Children's

This past Saturday afternoon the Mountaineers were supposed to be suited up in their Old Gold and Blue for the annual spring football game. The football game was supposed to be just one of the highlights of the day. Head Coach Dana Holgorsen launched his inaugural event “Walk the Talk with Coach Dana Holgorsen” which was a two and a half mile walk around Milan Puskar, mirroring the walk Holgorsen himself does on a near daily basis.

The walk, which saw hundreds of local participants and the football team and staff, was partnered with Mountaineer Jeff Hostetler to benefit WVU Medicine Children’s by merging WVU Football and the Hoss Foundation. The event was an easy way to raise money by doing something the head coach already does every day.

Fans were greeted by Mountaineer greats Jeff Hostetler and Major Harris as they finished the walk by entering on the Mountaineer Field. A special moment fans will never forget, the walk also stopped by President Gee’s house for hot chocolate given the frigid temps Saturday.

“It was great,” Holgorsen said. “It was like it is every day. It was 2 1/2 miles, and we got a lot accomplished. There were two things. One, we had security blocking off the roads, which I usually don’t get, and two, we had hot chocolate and coffee at Dr. (Gordon) Gee’s house,” Holgorsen said. “I want to thank all those guys for doing that and making this possible, and I told Dr. Gee that I expect this every time we walk now,”

While many would have liked the event to have been capped off by the spring game, the focus was shifted to helping the sick children of West Virginia; which is obviously bigger than the game of football. Coach Holgorsen was pleased with the turnout and looks forward to this event in coming years.

“This was a good event today, and this is what it’s going to be from here on out,” Holgorsen said, “I feel bad about not having the spring game when it comes to our players, their families and the fans, but to be quite honest, spring games are not that important when it comes to trying to make your team better. Today was all about WVU Medicine Children’s. We try our best to have a great relationship when it comes to that.”

Coach Holgorsen’s event will be sure to leave a lasting impression on WVU Medicine Children’s and the families and children affected by unfortunate illness, and the impact that the event will have will last much longer than the aftermaths of the spring game. It’s always great to watch spring football, but it’s even more exciting to see the football team come together with the community and give back to WVU Medicine Children’s. Well done, Mountaineers.



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