The Ladies of the Flying WV present: Football 101

The Ladies of the Flying WV present: Football 101

WVU Basketball

The Ladies of the Flying WV present: Football 101

Ladies, picture this for a moment. It’s Saturday early morning, there’s a slight crisp to the air. Sun is shining, coolers are packed and the grills are on. Your favorite outfit in Old Gold and Blue is on point and you’re ready to head toward the Blue Lot. It’s football season in Morgantown.

Ask yourself, what could make this better? (Aside from ending the day singing “Country Roads,” of course). Maybe having a deeper knowledge and understanding of Mountaineer football? Knowing what’s going on on all three sides of the game (yes, three sides).

If you’ve found yourself in a moment in the stands not quite sure what is going on, or wanting to find a way to know more about West Virginia football, aside from the touchdowns extra points, Blue Gold Sports on WVU Wire has just the thing for you.

We proudly present to you “The Ladies of the Flying WV.” We are hear to bring you a curated sect of content geared toward furthering your love of West Virginia football and basketball. It is well-known that behind all great men stands strong women, and that is the case with Mountaineer sports. The ladies of West Virginia love their Mountaineers with just as much love and gusto as the men, maybe even more passionately and we are here to bring you an inside look at Mountaineer football first, then basketball as the season rolls around.

The Ladies will be presenting Mountaineer ladies all they need to know to hold court at the tailgate and in the stands, as well as getting a greater look into West Virginia sports and the women behind it.

Get your Old Gold and Blue gear, grab your tailgate drink of choice and get ready, we’re going to have to reading screens, calling plays and knowing the ins and outs of football just in time to hear that musket firing to start off the season. Be on the look out for more from the Ladies of the Flying WV exclusively with Blue Gold Sports on WVU Wire. 


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