Mountaineer Minute: Mountaineers in the Headlines

Mountaineer Minute: Mountaineers in the Headlines

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Mountaineer Minute: Mountaineers in the Headlines

It’s officially that time of year where the football and basketball seasons are in a slight lull. Summer football hasn’t started yet and basketball is pretty much in the same boat. That being said, we bring you a Mountaineer Minute; a little catch up on some of your favorite Mountaineers past and present and what they’re up to. Spot something we’ve missed? Let us know!

As many (okay, everyone) knows, Jevon Carter was drafted a few weeks ago to the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round. Fellow recent Mountaineer alum Daxter Miles, Jr. was later picked up by the Sacremento Kings summer league. Per twitter, it sounds as if Miles will have a familiar face playing with him this summer. Devin Williams has also been picked up by the Kings for the summer.

In keeping with the trend of Mountaineer reunions, Miles and Williams are actually set to face off against Carter and the Grizzlies on July 10. This will be a matchup Mountaineer fans won’t want to miss; the opportunity to see three Mountaineers playing pro ball alongside one another.

Mountaineer alum Kevin Jones has recently added another stop to his ever-growing basketball career. Jones is one of the latest athletes to make Team USA’s World Cup qualifying team. Jones has played basketball literally all over the world since graduating from West Virginia in 2012, and now has the chance to represent both West Virginia and the United States on a national level.

Over on the football side, loved Mountaineer Bruce Irvin completed his undergraduate degree at West Virginia earlier in the spring, adding another accomplishment to his list of achievements. While this may have happened several months ago, it is worth note as Irvin continues to set a positive example for many in the professional athlete world to make sure a degree is completed for life after sports.

Tavon Austin was traded to the Cowboys during the NFL Draft and it seems that many Cowboys players are excited for the speed and agility that Austin brings to the offense. Quarterback Dak Prescott has been quoted recently in the news as saying that Austin will be a great asset to the team, and the coaching staff has great plans for Austin.

Rounding out our Mountaineer Minute this week, we leave you with Will Grier and the hunt for the Heisman. Grier has been making lots of headlines across sports as one of the pre-season quarterbacks to watch for  Heisman Trophy candidacy. Grier seems to have bounced back from last year’s season-ending injury and is ready to lead his team to a season worth remembering. As of late, there has been a Heisman campaign teaser rolling around social media; the “Grier7Heisman,” which has been teased for July 7. It goes without saying but Will Grier bringing a Heisman Trophy to West Virginia would be one of the standout moments for the athletic department for years to come.

It’s officially July which means the football season is just around the corner, quickly followed by the basketball season. Time to start wishing on those shooting stars this summer, and maybe the Mountaineers will have seasons to remember.


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