Top Players To Watch For In Class AAA

Top Players To Watch For In Class AAA

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Top Players To Watch For In Class AAA

Now that we have given you our players to watch for in class A and AA we move on to AAA. Now this is going to be just a little different than the previous two, and we will be giving you the 10 players to watch for in class AAA.

Starting at the number 10 spot is a youngster whose name should already be a household name, but if not everyone will know him this year..

10. Zeiqui Lawton ( South Charleston High C/O 2021)

6’3 238 Lbs  Lawton Hudl Profile

Where to start with this young man. Lawton burst onto the scene last year as a freshman for the black eagles, and continued turning heads all season and into the summer practices. He received an offer a couple weeks back from WVU while attending a camp there. Definitely a name to remember.

Moving onto our next athlete, and well he is a very well known name around the state and has committed to Marshall to further his academic and football career. Coming in at number 9 is..

9. Grant Wells ( George Washington High School C/O 2019)

6’1 177 Lbs Wells Hudl Profile

When you talk about the top quarterbacks in the state Wells name will definitely be mentioned with the states best. Grant is one of the most dedicated athletes that we have seen, and what we mean is he is always working on his game on and off the field to make himself along with his teammates better. Does Grant have one last magical run in him this season.. We shall see!

Moving on to the next athlete on our list we have a young man from down in Cabell county. Coming in at number 8 is…

8. Ivan Vaughn (Cabell Midland High C/O 2019)

5’9 185 Lbs Vaughn Hudl Profile

Ivan is the only running back on this pre season list. We were able to catch him in person last season and to say we were impressed is an understatement. Ivan was first team all state last season and only going up from here. It could be a magical season for the Knights coming off a 13-1 season last year. Could this be the year the Knights win it all?

The next player on the list is a fun player to watch. Whether he is making plays with his arm or his legs he is a very fun player to watch. Coming in at number 7…

7. Kerry Martin ( Capital High School C/O 2019)

6’2″ 188 Lbs Martin Hudl Profile

Kerry is a very explosive player on both sides of the ball for the cougars. Going into his senior season the cougars will be a tough beat. Kerry will be looking to bounce back after their tough loss to Martinsburg in the playoffs last season. Could Kerry lead them to their ultimate goal of a state championship?

Digging a little deeper on the list the next athlete is a hard hitting linebacker from South Charleston. Coming in at number 6 is..

6. Drew Joseph ( South Charleston High School C/O 2019)

5’9″ 195 Lbs Joseph Hudl Profile

Drew has made a great name for himself on the field by being a hard hitting linebacker for the black eagles. Drew earned a preferred walk on spot from WVU a couple weeks ago while attending a camp at West Virginia. Drew is looking to rebound from a disappointing 4-6 season and a loss in the first round of the playoffs last season. Could this be the year the black eagles get over the hump and bring a championship back to South Charleston?

Now we hit the top 5 of our players to watch list. Coming in at number 5 is probably not a very well known player, due to his school and age, but he is an outstanding player. Our number 5 athlete is..

5. Malakai Brown ( Hedgesville High School C/O 2020)

5’11” 190 Lbs Brown Hudl Profile

Another youngster making the list. As a sophmore Malakai won the Randy Moss award for being the best wide receiver in the state. Malakai hasn’t been a name people mention much due to playing in the panhandle. Malakai could be even better this season than he was last year, and that could be scary for the rest of the state.

Moving closer to that number one spot, this next athlete is a pretty well known name throughout the state. Playing both sides of the ball coming in at number 4 is…

4. Amir Richardson ( University High School C/O 2019)

6’2″ 200 Lbs Richardson Hudl Profile

Amir is one of the most versitale players on the list. Making high flying catches on offense or making electrifying plays on defense he always finds himself around the ball. Adding Logan Holgorsen at the quarterback position could make this a good year for University.

Moving into the top 3 and these players could have been anywhere in the top 3, and no complaints from anyone. Starting at number 3 is…

3. Brenton Strange ( Parkersburg High School C/O 2019)

6’5″ 210 Lbs Strange Hudl Profile

Being one of the most dynamic players on the list has paid dividends for Brenton. He has seen a huge jump from last year to this year. Brenton is drawing interest from some high profile colleges due to his size and game. Definitely a player to keep an eye on this upcoming season.

The top 2 players to watch this season are two of the biggest players on the list. Coming in at number 2 is…

2. Doug Nester ( Spring Valley High School C/O 2019)

6’5.5″ 295 Lbs Nester Hudl Profile

Doug has been a dominate force on the offensive line from the word go. Being ranked as the 10th best offensive lineman in the country has helped Nester get an offer from Ohio State. Nester will be continuing his academic career and football career for the Buckeyes next season.

The moment you have all been waiting for and honestly should know who this player is. Coming in at our number one spot is..

1. Darnell Wright ( Huntington High School C/O 2019)

6’6″ 314 Lbs Wright Hudl Profile

Where to begin with this young man. Darnell is ranked as the number 1 offensive tackle in the nation, and yes you did read that right. A huge force on the highlanders offensive front Darnell has offers from all the top schools in the country. Keep an eye out for Darnell this season and I promise he isn’t hard to miss.

By: Jeremy Thomas

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