Top 5 Quarterbacks For Class A

Top 5 Quarterbacks For Class A

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Top 5 Quarterbacks For Class A

Now that the season is just over a month away we are going to break down the top five players for each position in each class. Starting with class A and which better position to start with than the field general.

Coming in at the number five spot is..

5. Nate Wright ( South Harrison High School C/O 2020)

5’11” 153 Lbs

With Nate only going into his junior season this year at South Harrison we placed him at the number five spot. Looking at film from last season, and having the whole off-season to improve it could be another solid year for Nate and the Hawks. Keep an eye out for this South Harrison team.

Moving on to our next quarterback on the list we have a quarterback that runs the option. Coming in at number four on the list is..

4. JT Hensley (Sherman High School C/O 2019)

5’10” 160 Lbs

Jt definitely has a big advantage that not many others in the state get. That is he has one of the WV Sports News top players to watch for in class A blocking for him in Layne Daniel. When you watch Hensley’s film and wonder why he is number four that question is answered with one word. That word is intelligence. Hensley runs the option and the reads he makes is nothing short of incredible.

Now working our way up to the top three, and coming in at number three is..

3. Tatem McCloy (Ritchie County High School C/O 2019)

6’5″ 205 Lbs

With McCloy at the helm the rebels look to bounce back from a disappointing 2017 season. The Rebels had a tough 2-8 season last year, but it could be a better year this season, and could see the rebels around 500 this year.

Now we dive into our top two quarterbacks on our preseason list. Number two on our list is..

2. Patrick Mirandy ( Magnolia High School C/O 2019)

6’2″ 170 Lbs

With Mirandy at the helm for the blue eagles could this be the season they get over the hump and make a playoff run? Mirandy is a solid QB and can run the offense for the blue eagles to perfection. Keep an eye out for the blue eagles this year.

Now there is so much we could say about our number one quarterback, but we will try to keep it brief. Coming in at our number one spot is..

1. Curtis McGhee III ( Wheeling Central Catholic High School C/O 2020)

6’2″ 180 Lbs

Going into his junior season for the maroon Knights McGhee is one of the top quarterbacks in the state and not just class A. McGhee is looking to take the Maroon Knights back to Wheeling Island for another championship. With the weapons he has around him it could be another title run for the Knights.

By: Jeremy Thomas

WV Sports News

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