Top 5 Quarterbacks Class AAA

Top 5 Quarterbacks Class AAA

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Top 5 Quarterbacks Class AAA

Diving in to the talent pool of class AAA quarterbacks is an extremely hard challenge to pick just five, but we are going to give it a shot.

Starting at number five is a junior who has impressed us. Coming in at number five is…

5. Corbin Pierson ( Jefferson High School C/O 2020)

6’1″ 178 Lbs Pierson Hudl Profile

Corbin is looking to have a bounce back year for the Cougars. A rough 2017 season that saw the cougars go 0-10 is only fuel on the fire for Pierson. With good decision making and a strong arm it could be a good season for Pierson and the cougars.

Moving on to number four on our list an experienced senior. Coming in at number four is…

4. Nathan Roy ( Hurricane High School C/O 2019)

6’2″ 190 Lbs   Roy Hudl Profile

Roy is one of the best pocket passers in this class. Roy is looking to take Hurricane on a deep run this year. With Roy at the helm with great decision making, and a strong arm Hurricane could make some noise in class AAA this season.

Moving right along to our top three. Our number three quarterback has a very known name in the state of WV. Coming in at number three is…

3. Logan Holgorsen ( University High School C/O 2019)

6’0″ 185 Lbs  Holgorsen Hudl Profile

While we all know who Logan’s dad is that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is probably the most polished quarterback in the state. His mechanics are second to none, and with one of the top wideouts in the state at his disposal it could be a solid year for Logan and the Hawks. Logan has committed to play at Bowling Green next season.

Now the next two quarterbacks are extremely talented and there are arguments on both being at the number one spot, but coming in at number two is..

2. Grant Wells (George Washington High School C/O 2019)

6’1 177 Lbs  Wells Hudl Profile

Grant is a phenomenal quarterback and has committed to play at Marshall next season. A truly polished pocket passer and can make plays on the run. He is in for a great year for the Patriots, and could make a deep run in the playoffs with Wells leading the offense. Keep an eye out for GW this season.

Coming in at the top of the list is one of WV Sports News top players to watch for. Coming in at the number one spot is..

1. Kerry Martin Jr. ( Capital High School C/O 2019)

6’2 185 Lbs Martin Hudl Profile

With Kerry at the helm could this be the year that someone dethrones Martinsburg? Kerry has a slew of college offers and received his biggest one a few weeks back while at camp at WVU. Kerry is an all around spectacular athlete. He makes great plays in the air, and also on the ground with his legs. Capital is also the number one team in WV Sports News preseason class AAA rankings.

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