A Coaches Letter To His High School Self

A Coaches Letter To His High School Self

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A Coaches Letter To His High School Self

At WV Sports News it is our endeavor to be a non  traditional media outlet, focusing on positive aspects of  sports in the state of West Virginia.

As we do cover rankings and players to watch out for,  we wanted to do something that will benefit these kids and the place they’re at in their lives. So we got to thinking what would we tell our high school selves? What information could we have used to help us succeed? So with this topic in mind we reached out to every coach we know and asked them, what would you tell your high school self?

Coaches Letter To His High School Self

Dear Student Athlete,

At this point in my life as I sit and reflect on the numerous student athletes I’ve coached and the things that have helped them succeed, I am writing this letter to help every student athlete that comes across it.


First academics are one of the most important things throughout your entire recruiting process. Lets be honest not every offer is not a division one offer. The D2 and D3 schools will be able to offer more scholarship money the higher your academics are.

Start taking the ACT/SAT your sophomore year. Focus on maintaining a 3.0 or better GPA. Schools are not looking for just great athletes, they are looking for great people,  great young men, great members of the community.

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone 

One of the biggest things I can tell kids is step outside of their comfort zone. Go to as many camps as possible, choose camps that have multiple schools attending for maximum exposure. Promote yourself and don’t be bashful. If they don’t see you they can’t recruit you! There will always be critics but critics have no place in the process…. Trust the process! During this process they must conduct themselves in a manner as to not bring any negative attention to themselves in the community, in the hallways, classroom, and now days on social media.


When it comes to recruiting they need to make sure they are calling the coaches from the schools they are being recruited. When I was recruiting a kid I always appreciated a call over a text. While being recruited don’t wait until the last minute and expect that school to still be interested, they are trying to find the best players to fit their program and recruits are a dime a dozen. Maintain positive relationships with your coaches. While being recruited some of the first questions to the coaching staff are about level of character, team effort and hustle. Lastly with recruiting make a highlight tape no longer than five minutes of your best plays and share it everywhere! Recruiting is all about exposure so do anything you can to help your cause.

Hard Work 

Other than academics this may be the main piece of advice. Work hard in everything you do there is never a substitute for hard work. Be a weight room warrior. They need to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Even if the weight room doors are locked the field is always open for them to get extra drill work in order to perfect their discipline.

Quotes To Live By:

“Don’t Chase Dreams, Hunt Goals.”

“Failure is imperative to success, you can never truly succeed without failure. So fail often and fail in new glorious ways, then pick yourself up and take another shot. Life is a series of failures on the way to success.”

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.  But I cannot accept not trying.” Michael Jordan

Special Thank You To: Coach Joey Yurish Hedgesvile, Coach Brian Thomas Musselman, Coach Jason Jackson Ravenswood,  Coach Aaron Rule Poca,  Coach Quincy Wilson WV State, Coach Alex Daugherty Riverside, Coach Donnie Mays South Charleston, Coach TJ Carper Cabell Midland.

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