Carter Named to NABC Honors Court

Carter Named to NABC Honors Court

WVU Basketball

Carter Named to NABC Honors Court

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) today announced the 2017-18 NABC Honors Court, recognizing those men’s collegiate basketball student-athletes who excelled in academics during the past season. The NABC Honors Court recognizes the talents and gifts that these men possess off the court and the hard work they exhibit in the classroom.  The NABC encourages you to share the success of these student-athletes using #NABCHonorsCourt.

In order to be named to the Honors Court, a student-athlete must meet a high standard of academic criteria. The qualifications are as follows:

1. Academically a junior or senior and a varsity player.
2. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher at the conclusion of the 2017-18 academic year.
3. Students must have matriculated at least one year at their current institution.
4. Member of a NCAA Division I, II, III, or NAIA Division I or II institution with a NABC member coach.

2017-18 NABC Honors Court

Alaska Anchorage                     Josiah Wood                       Junior         Marketing
Brian Pearson                     Junior         Civil Engineering
Curtis Ryan                         Junior         Marketing
Jackson McTier                   Senior         Biological Science

Albion                                       Dylan Bennett                     Junior         Finance
Nate Collins                        Junior         Economics and Management
Ryan Lowe                          Junior         Environmental Studies
Jaylin Fordham                   Junior         Accounting
Austin Thompson                Junior         Economics and Management
Corey Wheeler                     Senior         History and English

Albright                                     Jayson Clark                       Junior         Biology and Pre-Med

Allegheny                                  William Urso                       Senior         Economics

Alma                                         Scott Maki                          Junior         Integrative Physiology and Health Science
Kevin Scheibert                   Senior         Business
Doug Bradfield                    Junior         Communication and Marketing
Ben Feliczak                       Senior         Accounting

Anderson (IN)                            Cory Kreiger                        Senior         Elementary Education
Brady Ashton                      Junior         History, Secondary Education
Stanley Duncan                   Junior         Sports & Rec Leadership
Cole Hartman                      Junior         Accounting
Michael Peters                    Junior         Exercise Science

Appalachian State                     Nick Hough                         Junior         Communication Studies
Kevin Karley                        Junior         Accounting

Aquinas                                    AJ Atwater                          Junior         Political Science
Austin Clements                  Senior         Business Admin. and Sports Management
Frank DeVos                      Junior         Accounting
Zezva Liluashvili                  Junior         Business Admin. and Sports Management
Opeyemi Sholesi                 Senior         Accounting

Arkansas Monticello                  Tayte Kitts                          Senlor         Business
Cobe Goosby                     Senior         Physical Education
Tedrian Brisco                    Senior         Criminal Justice

Auburn                                      Thomas Collier                    Junior         Finance
Anfernee McLemore            Junior         Accountancy

Augsburg                                  Colin Olmscheid                  Senior         Marketing

Austin                                       Joshua Quinn                      Senior         Biology
Quinten Tabor                     Junior         Political Science

Austin Peay                              Zach Glotta                         Junior         Human Movement

Ave Maria                                 Greenan Sullivan                 Junior         Chemistry

Azusa Pacific                            Ryan O’Connell                   Junior         Criminal Justice
Petar Kutlesic                     Senior         Computer Science
Will Ferris                            Senior         Communication

Babson                                     Chris Lowry                         Senior         Business

Baker                                        Russell Denney                   Junior         Physics
Clae Martin                         Junior         Finance & Economics

Bates                                        Shawn Strickland                Senior         Politics
Elijah Frater                         Junior         Politics
Nick Lynch                          Junior         Economics & Math
Max Hummel                       Junior         Economics

Bellevue                                    Nick Hilton                          Senior         Health and Human Performance
Blake Wilder                        Senior         Sports Management
Brandon Fagins                   Senior         Business Administration

Belmont                                    Seth Adelsperger                Junior         Environmental Studies
Tyler Hadden                      Senior         Mathematics
Austin Luke                         Senior         Business Administration
Burton Sampson                 Senior         Marketing
Dylan Windler                      Senior         Accounting

Beloit                                        Matthew Miller                     Junior         International Relations

Bemidji State                             Christian Pekarek                Senior         Math Education

Benedictine College                   Adam Kutney                      Junior         Engineering
Grant Lahm                         Junior         Engineering
Thomas O’Connor               Junior         Accounting
Wills Wallrapp                     Junior         Finance

Bentley                                     Ryan Richmond                  Junior         Finance
Nick Burton                         Senior         Marketing
Brandon Wheeler                 Senior         Finance
Matt Turkington                   Senior         Actuarial Science

Bethel (KS)                               Chase Banister                    Senior         Business Administration
Sam Morgan                       Junior         Business Administration
Trey Sleep                          Junior         Business Administration

Bethune-Cookman                     Jamal Gaines                      Senior         Criminal Justice

Binghamton                              John Schuman                    Senior         Business Administration

Blackburn                                 Jake Lochhead                    Senior         Biology

Bloomfield College                    Ignacio Diaz                        Senior         Business Management
Keith Washington                Junior         Business Finance

Bluffton                                    Austin Buchholz                  Senior         Criminal Justice
Andrew Hunter                    Senior         Math Education

Bowie State                              David Belle                         Junior         Sports Management

Bradley                                     Callum Barker                     Junior         Family and Consumer Science
Peter Hurley                        Junior         Psychology
Donte Thomas                     `Senior        Social Work
Luuk van Bree                     Junior         International Studies

Bridgewater State                      Ryan DeAndrade                 Senior         Management Science

Brigham Young                         Luke Worthington                Junior         Family Life
Braiden Shaw                      Junior         Finance

Bucknell                                    Stephen Brown                    Senior         Psychology
Nan Foulland                      Senior         History
Nate Jones                         Junior         History
Kimbal Mackenzie                Junior         Economics
Matt O’Reilly                       Junior         History
Zach Thomas                      Senior         Biomedical Engineering

Butler                                        Nate Fowler                        Junior         Mechanical Engineering and Economics

Cabrini                                      Robbie Brosh IV                  Junior         Exercise Science & Health Promotion,
Secondary Education, History
Mike Doyle                         Junior         Secondary Education, History
Anthony Linder-Creo            Junior         Business Management

Cairn                                         Jordan Loczman                  Junior         Health and Physical Education
Josh Decker                        Junior         Health and Physical Education
Julian Collazo                      Junior         Business Administration
Seth Brunner                       Junior         Education

Caldwell                                    Thomas Elliot-Smith            Junior         Business Administration

California                                  Nick Hamilton                      Senior         Media Studies/Legal Studies
Jacob Orender                    Junior         Environmental Economics & Policy

California Baptist                       Kalidou Diouf                      Senior         Journalism
Jordan Heading                   Senior         Kinesiology
Micah Robinson                  Junior         Computer Science
Gabriel Taylor                     Senior         Business Administration
Jason Todd                         Senior         Finance
California Institute
of Technology                       David Kawashima                Senior         Computer Science

CSU Bakersfield                       Brent Wrapp                       Senior         Liberal Studies

CSU East Bay                           Patrick Marr                         Junior         Criminal Justice
Kyle Frakes                         Senior         Kinesiology
Jordan Baker                       Senior         Kinesiology

Calvin                                       Tony Canonie                      Senior         Business
Isaiah McLaughlin                Junior         Business
Jason Walter                       Junior         Business
Michael Wilks                      Senior         Accounting

Carleton                                    Kevin Grown                       Senior         Economics
Malekai Mischke                 Senior         Psychology
Joh Farmer                          Senior         Computer Science
Quinn Johnson                    Senior         Biology

Carnegie Mellon                        Thomas Cook                     Senior         Business Administration
Ryan Maha                         Senior         Social and Decision Sciences
Seth Henry                          Senior         Economics

Carthage                                   Brad Kruse                          Senior         Accounting and Finance
Jordan Thomas                   Senior         Communications
Kamal Shasi                        Senior         Exercise and Sport Science
Steve Leazer                       Senior         Mathematics
Dan Messina                       Junior         Athletic Training
Dimitrije Kastratovic            Junior         Computer Science

Case Western Reserve              Anthony Duckett                 Senior         Business Management Pre-Law

Castleton                                  Pavin Parrish                       Senior         Business Admin., Management & Marketing
Ben Mrowka                        Junior         Business Administration, focus on Management
Julian Molina-Santos           Junior         Management & Spanish for Business
Chris O’Brien                       Junior         Communications

Catholic                                    William “Billy” Barnes, Jr.     Senior         International Economics and Finance
Jason Geter                        Senior         Psychology
Jimmy Golaszewski             Junior         Business Management, Concentration
in Financial Management
Andre Mitchell                     Junior         Business Management
Will Turner                           Senior         Business Management

Cedarville                                  Patrick Bain                         Senior         Business Management
Evan Kraatz                        Senior         Biology
Gabriel Portillo                    Junior         Business Finance

Central Connecticut                   Austin Nehls                        Senior         Finance
Tyson Batiste                      Junior         Pre-Finance

Central Missouri                        Spencer Reaves                  Senior         Physical Education
Jakob Lowrance                  Junior         Sport Management

Chaminade                                Nate Pollard                        Senior         Business Administration
Erik Scheive                        Junior         Business Administration
Masa Swain                        Junior         Forensic Science
Dantley Walker                    Senior         Historical and Political Studies

Chapman                                  Tyler Green                         Senior         Business Administration
Jeff Kenney                        Junior         Business Administration
Reed Nakakihara                 Senior         Accounting and Business Administration
Rob Nelsen                         Senior         Political Science
Luke Selway                       Senior         Business Administration
Jasper Verduin                    Junior         Sociology

Chicago                                    Collin Barthel                       Senior         Economics
Jake Fenlon                        Senior         Economics
Ryan Shearmire                   Senior         Economics
Porter Veach                       Senor         Economics
Justin Jackson                    Junior         English
Max Jacobs                        Junior         Economics/Political Science
Ryan Jacobsen                   Junior         Economics

Christopher Newport                  Spencer Marin                     Senior         Finance
Tyler Femi                           Senior         Accounting and Finance

Clarkson                                   Aiden Frank                        Senior         Business Intell and Data Analytics
Gary Hanley                        Senior         Computer Science
Matthew Hornak                  Junior         Mechanical Engineering

Clemson                                   Mark Donnal                       Senior         Athletic Leadership

Coe                                          Hunter Grenier                     Junior         Business
Matt Meyer                          Senior         Biology and Neuroscience
Austin Rix                           Junior         Elementary Education
Nic Roth                             Senior         Physical Education and Health
Zach Schlabaugh                Junior         Business
Nolan Timp                         Junior         Business
Calvin Winker                      Junior         Business

Colgate                                     Francisco Amiel                   Junior         Environmental Studies
Sam Lindgren                      Junior         Political Science
Sean O’Brien                       Senior         Sociology
Malcom Regisford               Junior         Sociology
Thomas Rivard                    Senior         Economics

College of Charleston                Evan Bailey                         Senior         Chemistry

College of                                 Andrew Curiel                      Senior         Business Administration
Mount Saint Vincent                Michael Mulligan                 Senior         Nursing

Colorado                                  Josh Repine                        Senior         Business

Colorado-Colorado Springs       Ryan VanPelt                      Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Barnes                 Senior         Communication

Colorado Christian                     Isaiah Hanson                     Senior         Business Administration and Theology
Jeremiah Hanson                Junior         Business Administration and Accounting
Stefan Hackethal                 Junior         Business Administration
Preston Hardy                     Junior         Health Science
Chris Hildenbrand                Junior         Health Science
Terry McFadden                  Senior         Business Administration

Colorado College                      John Hatch                         Senior         Political Science
Eric Houska                        Senior         Economics
Chris Martin                        Senior         Economics
Edmund Pendleton              Junior         International Political Economy
Bobby Roth                        Senior         Molecular Biology
Ryan Young                        Senior         Economics

Colorado School of Mines          Ben Clare                            Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Luke Golter                         Junior         Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Leuders                 Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Zach Rusk                          Senior         Bio Engineering
Ben Sonnefeld                    Senior         Mechanical Engineering

Columbia College                      Nathan Biggs                      Senior         Math Education
Jackson Dubinski                Senior         Business Marketing
Nic Reynolds                      Senior         Business Management

Columbia University                   Peter Barba                        Junior         Economics
Lukas Meisner                     Junior         Political Science

Concordia College (MN)             Austin Heins                        Senior         Mathematics and Physics
Austin Rund                        Senior         Health Care Administration
Lane Voltz                          Junior         Health and Physical Education
Kevin Wolfe                        Senior         Biology

Concordia University (MI)           Connor Phee                       Senior         Computer Science
Luke Diekevers                   Senior         Physical Education/Secondary Education
Jared McDaniel                   Junior         Nursing
Dakota Bostic                     Junior         Justice & Public Safety

Concordia University (OR)          Jace Cates                          Junior         Business Administration-Finance
Cody Starr                          Junior         Business Administration
Jarrett Gray                         Junior         Business Administration-Finance
Daniel Thiesen                     Junior         Business Administration-Finance
Taylor Harris                       Senior         Business Administration-Marketing
Christopher Edward             Senior         Psychology
Tristen Hodges                   Junior         Business Administration
Bryan Michaels                   Senior         Business Administration

Concordia University (WI)           Julien Addison                    Senior         Sport & Entertainment Management
Josh Erickson                     Senior         Business Accounting, Business Finance
Jason King                          Senior         Sport & Entertainment Management
Jacob Jurss                        Senior         Elementary Education
Andrew Fratzke                   Senior         Business Accounting
Jose Alicea                         Senior         Sport & Entertainment Management
Josh Hau                            Senior         Business Education
Matthew Ulrich                    Senior         Actuarial Science

Creighton                                  Martin Krampelj                   Junior         Marketing

Crown                                       Tory Ledin                           Junior         Criminal Justice
Kole Jusczak                       Junior         Business Administration

D’Youville                                 William VanAuken               Senior         Exercise & Sports Studies/Physical Therapy
Jeremy VanLuitgaarden       Senior         Exercise & Sports Studies/Physical Therapy
Brian Nwaekeke                  Junior         Exercise & Sports Studies/Physical Therapy
Juan Rosales                      Junior         Biology

Daemen                                    Jeff Redband                      Junior         Business
Giambattista Davis              Senior         Mathematics

Dallas                                       Slomon Berezin                   Senior         Business
Ben Norton                         Junior         Business

Dallas Baptist                           Patrick Burke                       Senior         Environmental Science

Dayton                                     Jack Westerfield                  Junior         Finance

Delaware                                   Collin Goss                         Junior         Criminal Justice
Curtis Lochner                     Junior         Health Behavior Science

Delta State                                Cedric Harper                      Junior         HPER
Brett Warner                        Junior         Exercise Science

Denison                                    Matt Doyle                          Junior         Economics
Jack Lambert                      Junior         Economics
Max Siwik                           Senior         Political Science
Johnny Vernasco                Senior         Economics

DePaul                                     Max Strus                           Senior         Business Administration
Joseph Hanel                      Senior         Exercise Science

DePauw                                    James Clarke                      Senior         Communications
Mason Hankins                   Senior         Communications/Business Administration
David Vogel                        Senior         Communications
Andrew Kus                        Junior         Anthropology/Philosophy

Dominican University (CA)         Reverend Maduakor            Senior         Communications
Anthony Hernandez             Junior         Business
Xavier Williams                    Junior         Business

Drake                                       Samm Jones                       Junior         Business
Kory Kuenstling                   Senior         MBA
Nick McGlynn                      Junior         Media Production
C.J. Rivers                          Senior         Broadcast News
Casey Schlatter                   Seniors       Masters of Public Administration/Marketing
Reed Timmer                      Senior         Pharmacy
Graham Woodward             Senior         MBA/Marketing

East Carolina                             Justice Obasohan                Junior         Public Health Studies

East Central                              Gabe McKenzie                   Junior         Business Administration
Jeremiah Fleming                Senior         Kinesiology

East Texas Baptist                    Jordan Gray                        Junior         Business
Dion Mack                          Senior         University Studies
Alan Wilkinson                    Junior         Kinesiology

Eastern Michigan                      Paul Jackson                      Senior         Business

Eastern Washington                  Cody Benzel                        Senior         Marketing
Bogdan Bliznyuk                 Senior         Management
Grant Gibb                          Junior         Marketing
Ty Gibson                           Junior         Accounting
Benas Griciunas                  Senior         MBA-Business
Jesse Hunt                          Junior         Management

Eckerd                                      Marco Behori                      Junior         Management
Gianni Dailey                      Junior         Biology

Edgewood                                Arik Anderson                     Senior         Computer Information Systems
Sam Fox                             Junior         Criminal Justice
Emil Radisevic                    Junior         Computer Science
Charlie Reuteman                Junior         Business
Sy Staver                            Junior         Business
McClain Steffens                Junior         Business

Edinboro                                  Michael Beck                      Senior         Health and PE/Teaching Certification

Elmira                                       Justin Porrett                      Junior         Finance & Accounting
Anthony Abate                    Junior         Biology & Chemistry

Elon                                         Jack Anton                          Senior         Finance & Management
Karolis Kundrotas                Junior         Accounting & Finance
Steven Santa Ana               Junior         Finance & Management
Tyler Seibring                      Junior         English & Economics

Embry-Riddle (AZ)                     Jaran Hoover                      Senior         Aviation and Global Business
Calvin Carmichael                Junior         Space Physics
Logan Skurdal                     Junior         Computer Engineering
Ryan Skurdal                      Junior         Cyber Security

Embry-Riddle (FL)                     Bradley Mapes                    Senior         Business Administration
Joshua Hawkins                  Junior         Air Traffic Management
Brian Johnson                     Senior         Aeronautical Science

Erskine                                     Justin Shelton                     Senior         Pre-Law
Taylor Ferguson                  Senior         Business
Wes Smith                          Senior         Business

Eureka                                      Alex Wiegand                      Junior         Accounting
Chet Griffith                        Senior         Accounting & Business Administration

Fairleigh Dickinson                    Mike Schroback                  Senior         Sports Administration

Findlay                                     Drew Garverick                   Senior         Environmental Studies/Occupational Health
Elijah King                          Senior         Finance/Accounting
Aaron Overhiser                  Junior         Health Science/Pre-Physical Therapy
Corbin Linder                      Junior         Accounting

Florida Institute of Technology   Philip Bernhard                    Junior         Mathematics

Florida Southern                        Tyler Ross                          Senior         Business Administration
Luke St. Lifer                      Senior         Business Administration

Florida State                             Brandon Allen                     Senior         Electrical Engineering

Franklin & Marshall                    Brandon Federici                 Senior         Business Organization and Society/Italian
Daniel Osley                       Senior         Business Organization and Society
Joseph “JC” McGrath           Junior         Chemistry – Pre Med

Franklin Pierce                          Michael McDevitt                Senior         Health Sciences

Fresno State                             Jahmel Taylor                     Senior         Business Administration
Sam Bittner                         Junior         Business Administration

Gannon                                     Daryl Porter                        Junior         Business Administration
Joe Fustine                         Junior         Business Risk Management
Naseem Hadrab                  Junior         Business Healthcare Management

Geneva                                     Jimmy Leichliter                   Senior         Accounting/Finance
Danny Torok                       Junior         Engineering

George Mason                          Nick DiClementi                   Senior         Government & International Politics

Georgia                                    Connor O’Neill                     Junior         Finance

Gettysburg                                Matthew England                Senior         Economics
Cameron Stewart                Senior         Health Professions Preparations/
Health Sciences
Alec Warren                        Junior         Health Sciences

Gonzaga                                   Jack Beach                         Junior         Business Administration
Alex Martin                          Junior         Sport Management
Josh Perkins                       Senior         Sport Management
Brian Pete                           Senior         Business Management

Goucher                                    Gabe Ceribelli                     Junior         Economics and Business Management

Grand Canyon                           Joshua Braun                      Senior         Business Administration
Casey Brown                       Senior         Business Administration
Matt Jackson                      Junior         Business Administration
Gerard Martin                      Junior         Business Administration

Grinnell                                     Vinny Curta                         Junior         History
Gus King                            Senior         Political Science
Griffin Boehm                      Junior         History
Sean Cullinane                    Senior         Economics
Nathan Balcom                   Senior         Economics
Jacob Ekstrand                   Senior         Computer Science

Gwynedd Mercy                        Courtney Cubbage              Senior         Business

Hamilton                                   Andrew Groll                       Junior         Literature
Michael Grassey                 Junior         Public Policy
Joe Pucci                            Senior         World Politics
Matt Moros                         Senior         Economics

Hamline                                    Isaac Brooks                      Junior         Business Analytics
Bret Lukes                          Senior         Business Management
Will Hoiseth                         Junior         English

Hanover                                    Wes McKinney                    Senior         Economics
Cam Fails                           Junior         Kinesiology & Integrated Physiology

Harvard                                     Chris Egi                            Senior         Economics
Zach Yoshor                       Senior         Economics
Andre Chatfield                   Senior         Economics
James McLean                    Junior         Electrical Engineering
Robbie Feinberg                  Junior         Economics
Balsa Dragovic                   Junior         History & Science

Henderson State                       Joshua Jones                     Junior         Recreation-Sport Management
Matthew Panaggio              Senior         Marketing
Kaylon Tappin                     Senior         Recreation-Sport Management

Hendrix                                     Preston Smith                     Junior         Business & Economics

High Point                                 Sam Berlin                          Senior         Sales
Dexter Gooding                  Junior         Entrepreneurship
Jahaad Proctor                   Junior         Sales
Austin White                        Senior         Business Administration

Hobart                                      Luke Ruddy                        Senior         Geoscience

Hofstra                                     Desure Buie                        Junior         Linguistics

Holy Cross                                Bryce Crosen                      Junior         Education
Nate Miller                          Junior         Business

Holy Names                              Marcelas Perry                    Senior         Communications
Zac Young                          Senior         Business Management
Zachary Rower                    Junior         Accounting

Hood                                        Luke Casey                         Senior         Math

Houston Baptist                        Will Gates, Jr.                     Senior         Kinesiology
Braxton Bonds                    Senior         Interdisciplinary Studies

Hunter                                       Matt Franks                         Senior         Political Science & Economics
Amer Lukac                        Senior         Psychology
Blendi Ibraj                          Senior         Human Biology

Idaho                                        Nate Sherwood                   Junior         Engineering

Idaho State                               Erik Nakken                        Senior         German & Biology
Novak Topalovic                 Senior         Psychology
Lyle Sutton                         Junior         Chemistry
Balint Mocsan                     Junior         Psychology
Jared Stutzman                   Junior         Communications

Illinois Wesleyan                        Danny Baker                       Junior         Accounting
Colin Bonnett                      Junior         Economics
Tyler Burdine                       Senior         Business Administration
Nick Coleman                      Junior         Accounting
Jason Gregoire                    Junior         Economics & Financial Services
Brady Rose                         Junior         Business Marketing

Indiana (PA)                              Blake Danielak                    Senior         Business
IUP                                        Dante Lombardi                  Junior         Business
Todd Fetsko                       Junior         Education
Anthony Glover, Jr.              Senior         Business
Jacobo Diaz Alejano            Junior         Business

IUPUI                                        Aaron Brennan                    Senior         Organization & Leadership Supervision
D.J. McCall                         Senior         Applied Data Science

Indiana South Bend                   Rashaan Jackson               Junior         Psychology

Iowa                                         Nicholas Baer                      Junior         Communication Studies

Jacksonville                              Radwan Bakkali                  Junior         Graphic Design
Cody Helgeland                   Senior         Kinesiology

John Brown                               Ben Smith                           Junior         Engineering
Joshua Bowling                   Junior         Biology/Pre-Med
Joshua Rhodius                  Senior         Engineering

Judson                                     Taylor Boley                       Junior         Exercise Sports Science
Taylor Hiland                       Junior         Biology/Pre-Med

Kansas                                     Clay Young                         Senior         Sport Management

Kansas State                            Mason Schoen                    Senior         Marketing/MBA
Kade Kinnamon                   Senior         Elementary Education
Pierson McAtee                   Junior         Finance Controllership & Accounting

Kean                                         Kevin Pacheco                    Junior         Psychology
Inderpaul Pinghlia                Senior         Accounting

Kentucky                                  Dillon Pulliam                      Senior         Computer Science/Computer Engineering
Jonny David                        Junior         Kinesiology

Kentucky State                          Felix Wilson                        Junior         Sociology

Kenyon                                     Alexander Powell                Senior         Mathematics
Timmy Black                       Junior         Economics

King’s                                       Connor Callejas                   Senior         Business Management
Christopher Fazzini              Senior         Health Care Admin. & Business Management
James Willis                        Junior         Sports Medicine

Kutztown                                   Richard Hicks, Jr.                Junior         Business/Accounting

Lafayette                                  Eric Stafford                       Senior         Economics/Government & Law

LaGrange                                  Elijah Adedoyin                   Junior         Biology/Biochemistry (Pre-Med)
Jack McCormack                 Junior         Business/Sports Management
Duncan Parker                    Senior         Political Science
Nate Rosetti                        Senior         Exercise Science
Travis Thompson                Junior         Accounting
Stephen Wagner                  Junior         Political Science

Lake Forest                              Eric Porter                          Senior         Business
Danny Sotos                       Junior         Computer Science

La Verne                                   Connor Head                       Senior         Business Administration
Brandon Rice                      Junior         Business
Alec Vucinich                      Junior         Kinesiology
Max Karim                          Junior         Business Administration

Lawrence                                  Eric Weiss                          Senior         History
Jeremy Stephani                 Senior         Economics
Evan McLaughlin                 Senior         Political Science

Lebanon Valley                         Andy Orr                             Senior         Business Administration

Lehman                                     Clinton Akalonu                   Senior         Exercise Science
Luis Hernandez                    Senior         Accounting
Milo Mitchell                        Senior         Film and Media
Cordele Jackson                 Senior         Kinesiology

LeTourneau                               Alec Colhoff                       Senior         Business Administration
Justin Eadeah                     Senior         Biology/Pre-Med
Seth Mattson                      Senior         Biology/Pre-Med
Cordele Jackson                 Senior         Kinesiology
Caleb Loggins                     Senior         Business Administration

Lewis                                        Jake Reinhart                      Junior         Marketing
Frank Vukaj                        Junior         Biochemistry

Lindenwood                              Chandler Diekvoss              Junior         Finance & Economics
Landon Mills                       Senior         Marketing and Finance
Andrew Moore                     Senior         Marketing
Zachary Haese                    Junior         Finance

Lindsey Wilson                          Hannes Erhardt                   Senior         Business

Lipscomb                                 George Brammeier              Senior         Philosophy
Eli Pepper                           Junior         Corporate Management
Matt Rose                           Junior         Finance

Louisiana at Lafayette               Bryce Washington               Senior         Finance

Louisiana Monroe                      Calvin Anderson                  Junior         Accounting
Lance Richard                     Senior         Business Administration
Travis Munnings                  Junior         Exercise Science

Loyola Chicago                         Clayton Custer                    Senior         Finance
Nick DiNardi                        Senior         Management
Ben Richardson                   Senior         Finance

Luther                                       Josh Peters                         Junior         Exercise Physiology

Lycoming                                  Serge Cole                          Junior         Criminal Justice

Lynchburg                                 Jesse Case                         Junior         Management

Lyndon State                             Robert Rouelle                    Senior         Sport Leadership

Lynn                                         Daniel Cooper                     Junior         Communications

Lyon                                         Antanas Krimelis                 Junior         Business

Maine                                       Celio Arujo                          Junior         Management
Dennis Ashley                     Junior         Marketing
Garvey Melmed                   Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Ilija Stojiljkovic                    Junior         Management

Maine at Farmington                  Eric Berry                            Senior         Art
Milani Hicks                        Junior         Business/Economics
Casey Watson                     Junior         Education

Maine Maritime                          Brendan Newcomb              Senior         International Business & Logistics
Adam Richardson                Junior         Power Engineering

Manhattan                                 Samson Usilo                     Senior         Civil Engineering

Marist                                       David Knudsen                    Junior         Business Administration

Maryville                                   Dante Hoppa                      Junior         Accounting/Finance

Mary Washington                      John Cronin                        Junior         Political Science
Jacob Williams                    Junior         Biology
Tyler Withers                       Junior         Marketing

Marywood                                 Thomas Swartz                   Junior         Finance
Jeremy Ringland                 Senior         Business Administration
James Curley                      Senior         Athletic Training\

Medaille                                    Justice Fagan                      Senior         Sport Management
Sean Wilson                       Junior         Business Administration

Mercer                                      Ryan Johnson                     Senior         Communications
Desmond Ringer                 Senior         Master’s High Ed Leadership
Ethan Stair                          Senior         HR Management
Jaylen Stowe                      Junior         Communications

Messiah                                    Neil Murren                         Senior         Applied Health Science
Aaron Parenti                      Senior         Marketing
Matt Hess                           Senior         Accounting
Willie Hope                         Senior         Broadcasting and Media Production

Methodist                                 Jackson Whitley                  Senior         Business Administration and Marketing

Miami                                       Chris Stowell                       Senior         Entrepreneurship

Middlebury                                Jack Daly                            Senior         Economics
Adisa Majors                       Senior         Economics
Eric McCord                        Junior         Biology
Hilal Dahleh                        Junior         Economics

Midland                                    Tyler Craven                        Senior         Secondary Education
Marti Fonolla                       Senior         Business Management
Weston Shepard                 Senior         Accounting
Ryan Williams                     Junior         Sports Management
Nick Wood                          Senior         Business Marketing

Midway                                     Gerry Milligan                      Senior         Business
Jose Bustamante                 Junior         Sports Management

Milligan                                     Josh Lamb                          Senior         Business Administration
Tyler Nichols                       Junior         Exercise Science
Aaron Levarity                     Junior         Exercise Science

Minnesota Crookston                Nate Lorenz                        Junior         Health Management
Aaron Hollcraft                    Junior         Elementary Education
Darin Viken                         Junior         Biology
Gable Smith                        Junior         Management
Chase Knickerbocker          Junior         Finance

Minnesota Duluth                      Ryan Kaczynski                  Junior         Marketing
Kyle Schalow                      Senior         Accounting
Trevor Entwisle                   Junior         Marketing

Minnesota State                        Cole Harper                         Junior         Marketing
Karson Arrenholz                 Junior         Business

Minot State                               Eduardo Gomez                  Junior         Physical Education
Luis Felipe Ricci Maia          Senior         Finance & International Business
Damjan Jovikj                     Junior         Accounting
Russ Davis                         Senior         Psychology
Brandon Green                    Senior         Business Management

Missouri Baptist                        Pablo Henandez                  Junior         Physical Education
Karson King                        Junior         Management
Zach Beel                           Junior         Business Administration

Mitchell                                     Domenico Santiago             Junior         Business
Colizel Lewis                       Senior         Health Science

Monmouth                                Louie Pillari                         Junior         Business Marketing
Nick Rutherford                   Junior         Business Management

Montana                                   Fabijan Krslovic                  Senior         Finance
Michael Oguine                   Junior         Marketing
Jamar Okoh                        Senior         Management

Morehouse                                Martravious Little                 Senior         Kinesiology

Mount Saint Mary College          Connor Bacci                      Junior         Accounting
Tyler McDine                       Senior         Business Management and Administration
Angelo Curro                       Senior         Accounting/Business Administration

Mount St. Joseph                      Jake Cropper                      Junior         History
Erik Edwards                      Senior         Math
Mitch Moorhead                  Junior         Math

Mount Union                             Thomas Mason                   Senior         Biochemistry
Andrew Francesconi            Junior         National Security/Foreign Intelligence

Muhlenberg                               Alexander Mitton                 Senior         Accounting/Finance
Brendan Hughes                 Junior         Business Administration
Erik Werheim                       Junior         Biology

Nazareth                                   Daniel Jacob                       Senior         Accounting
Mitchel Keniston                  Senior         Physical Therapy
Chris Jones                        Senior         Biochemistry
Tyler Stenglein                    Senior         Physical Therapy

Nebraska                                  Tanner Borchardt                Senior         Management
Johnny Trueblood               Senior         Administration

Nebraska Wesleyan                   Ty Bardsley                        Junior         Business Administration
Cooper Cook                      Junior         Accounting
Jake Scheef                        Junior         Business Administration

New England College                Justin Eck                           Junior         Accounting

New Hampshire                         Tanner Leissner                  Senior         Kinesiology/Sports Studies
Jordan Reed                       Senior         Psychology
Chris Lester                        Junior         Business Administration
Keon Burns                         Senior         Master of Business Administration

New Jersey Institute                  Reilly Wash                         Junior         Management Information Systems
of Technology                      Mohamed Bendary              Junior         Business

Newberry                                  James Stepp                      Senior         Biology
Xavier Hill                           Senior         Psychology

North Carolina                           Luke Maye                          Junior         Business Administration
Aaron Rohlman                   Senior         Biology

North Carolina Wesleyan           Adrian Moore                      Senior         Organizational Administration/Leadership
Robert Wilson                     Junior         Business Admin. & Organizational Admin.
Justin Tankelewicz               Junior         Business Administration
Jonathan Pickler                 Junior         Organizational Administration

North Central                             Tommy Koth                       Junior         Business

North Dakota State                    A.J. Jacobson                     Senior         Master’s of Business Administration
Paul Miller                           Senior         Accounting
Spencer Eliason                  Senior         Zoology (Pre-Med)
Chris Quayle                       Junior         Finance
Jared Samuelson                Junior         Statistics

North Greenville                         Daniel Burchette                  Junior         Elementary Education
Luke Raines                        Junior         Business Administration

Northeastern State                    Monte Williams                    Senior         Supply Chain Management

Northern Kentucky                    Drew McDonald                  Junior         Marketing
Nick Ayers                          Senior         Special Education & Middle Grades Education

Northern Michigan                     Myles Howard                     Junior         Mathematics/Computer Science
Isaiah Johnson                    Senior         Accounting/Business

Northern State                          Justin Decker                      Senior         Business Management
Logan Doyle                       Senior         Finance
Carter Evans                       Senior         Business Administration
Bo Fries                              Junior         Banking & Finance
Gabriel King                        Junior         Economics
Logan LeGrand                   Junior         Sports Marketing
Darin Peterka                      Senior         Biology
Donald Pollard                    Senior         Biology
Ian Smith                            Junior         Marketing

Northwestern                             Charlie Hall                         Junior         Radio/Television/Film
Aaron Falzon                       Junior         Learning & Organizational Change

University of Northwestern         Josh Bagley                        Senior         Business
Brady Bellefeuille                Junior         Accounting
Jacob Gervais                     Junior         Biology
Caleb Hageman                   Junior         Finance
Mitchell Weege                    Junior         Secondary Education

Norwich                                    Ricky Giroux                       Senior         Criminal Justice
Ryan Booth                        Senior         Physical Education
Tommy Fitzgerald                Senior         Management & Accounting

Notre Dame                              Matthew Gregory                 Senior         Environmental Science/Psychology
Liam Nelligan                      Senior         Finance

Ohio Dominican                        Benjamin Casanova             Junior         Finance
Adam Cytlak                       Senior         Biology
Michael Deleon                   Senior         Finance/Accounting
Ryan Hoyng                        Junior         Finance/Accounting
Alexander Stevens              Senior         Computer Science/Software Engineering

Ohio State                                Danny Hummer                   Junior         Economics
Joey Lane                           Junior         Marketing

Ohio Valley                               Victor Demetrio                   Senior         Business Administration
Aleksandar Djordjevic          Senior         Business Administration
Kevin Kengne                      Senior         Information Technology

Ohio Wesleyan                          Nate Axelrod                       Senior         Finance Economics
Adam O’Brien                      Senior         Management Economics
Chris Allocco                      Junior         Exercise Science
Brady Roesch                     Junior         Finance Economics

Old Dominion                            Aaron Carver                       Junior         Civil Engineering Technology
Loren Brill                           Junior         Business

Olivet Nazarene                         Solomon Barwegen             Junior         Business Administration
Luis Becerra Dominguez      Senior         Biology
Zach Tuxhorn                      Junior         Accounting
Chris Green                         Senior         Business Administration

Omaha                                      Alex Allbery                        Senior         Marketing/Finance
Mitch Hahn                          Junior         Marketing

Oregon State                            Gligorije Rakocevic             Junior         Digital Communication Arts
Tanner Sanders                  Senior         Speech Communication
Steven Thompson, Jr.         Junior         Digital Communication Arts
Tres Tinkle                          Junior         Speech Communication

Pace                                         Luke McLaughlin                 Junior         Global Marketing Management

Palm Beach Atlantic                  Malek Barber                       Junior         Marketing/Management
Milos Kostic                        Senior         International Business
Michael Stones                   Junior         Business

Piedmont                                  Landry Assinesi                   Senior         Business Management
Nick Ryan                           Senior         Business Management
Tariq Abdulgader                Junior         Accounting
Malik Abdulgader                Junior         Engineering Physics
Cole Huskey                       Junior         Marketing

Point Loma Nazarene                 Tanner Nelson                    Junior         Business
Cameron Gilbert                  Junior         Computer Science

Pomona-Pitzer                          Hiawatha Davis                   Senior         Africana Studies
Jack Gale                            Senior         Economics
Sam Glazer                         Junior         Economics
Corbin Koch                        Junior         Economics
Daniel Rosenbaum              Junior         Computer Science

Principia                                   Parker Davidson                 Senior         Business Administration
Jeff Ross                            Senior         Business Administration
Micah Paulson                    Junior         Education

Purchase                                  Tarik Allicock                      Senior         Sociology
Max Pearce                         Senior         Economics
Michael Soffer                    Junior         Liberal Studies

Ramapo                                    Tom Bonacum                     Senior         Business Administration
James Long                        Senior         Business Marketing
Raghav Sehgal                   Senior         Business-Finance

Randolph                                  Keion Robinson                  Senior         Sports & Exercise Studies
Drew Hayden                      Junior         Physics & Mathematics
Reid Jacoby                       Senior         Business

Redlands                                  Nate Battisti                        Junior         Integrated Health Science/Physical Education
Keaton Martinez                  Junior         Religious Studies
Blake O’Brien                      Senior         Accounting

Rice                                          Connor Cashaw                   Junior         Sports Management

Rockford                                  Trae Blumhorst                   Senior         Physical Education
Ryan Fiorucci                      Senior         Physical Education
Jake Siewert                       Senior         Business Administration
Nic Ramos                          Senior         Accounting
Andrew Squires                   Junior         Accounting

Rockhurst                                 Alex Hagan                         Senior         Business Intelligence
Gabe Brown                        Senior         Business Administration
Travis House                       Senior         Accounting
Connor Evans                     Junior         Exercise Science
Kade Salisbury                    Senior         Sports Management

Roosevelt                                 Adam Alexander                  Senior         Accounting
Jake Asquini                       Senior         Marketing
Kyle Bumbalough                Senior         Biology
Kevin Day                           Senior         Hospitality & Tourism Management
Carson Hughes                   Senior         Marketing
Jake Ludwig                        Senior         Marketing

Rose-Hulman Institute               Kyle Steckel                        Senior         Chemical Engineering
of Technology                        Luke Callahan                     Junior         Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Eldridge                    Junior         Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Richey                    Senior         Electrical Engineering
Stephen Schueth                 Senior         Mechanical Engineering

Rowan                                      Tyler Booth                         Senior         Biological Science
Nicholas DiPersia                Junior         Civil Engineering
Robert DiPersia                   Junior         Biomedical Engineering
Thomas Smierciak               Senior         Accounting

Sacramento State                     James Herrick                     Senior         Communication Studies
Calvin Martin                       Junior         Kinesiology
Justin Strings                      Senior         Communication Strategies

Saint Francis (PA)                     Scott Meredith                     Junior         Accounting/Management Information
Jordan Forehand                 Junior         Marketing
Michael Klebon                   Junior         Physical Therapy

Saint John’s (MN)                      Garrett Goetz                      Senior         Political Science
Brent Hentges                     Senior         Nutrition
Ethan Larson                      Junior         Global Business Leadership
David Stokman                   Junior         Economics/Philosophy
Patrick Strom                      Senior         Accounting

Saint Joseph’s College              Darian Berry                        Junior         Finance
Andrew Carroll                    Junior         Business Sports Management
Quinn Richardson-Newton    Senior         Exercise Science

Saint Joseph’s University           Michael Booth                     Senior         Pharmaceutical Marketing
Kyle Thompson                   Senior         Interdisciplinary Health Services

Saint Martin’s University             Rhett Baerlocher                 Junior         Education
Arthur Boyce                       Junior         Business
Kazuma Lane                      Junior         Engineering
Jared Mathews                    Junior         Business

Saint Mary’s (MN)                      Brad Hill                              Junior         Business Intelligence and Analytics

Saint Vincent College                Tom Kromka                       Junior         Economics & Mathematics
Coy Patterson, Jr.               Senior         Criminology. Law & Society
Mike Simmons                    Junior         Management

Saint Xavier                              Jack Brody                         Junior         Marketing
Luke Daurer                        Senior         Accounting
Tyler Diehl                          Junior         Business Management
Kevin Fervil                         Senior         Business Administration
Quinn Niego                        Senior         Accounting
Jacob Strong                      Junior         Computer Science
Chris Soczek                      Senior         Communications

San Diego                                Cameron Neubauer             Senior         Finance

Santa Clara                               Kai Healy                            Senior         Communication

Sarah Lawrence                         Malin Segal                         Senior         Psychology
Gabriel Eng                        Junior         Economics

Sciences                                   Mike Fox                            Junior         Doctor of Pharmacy
Will Gregorits                      Senior         Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
Brandon Hathaway              Junior         Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dan Kelly                            Junior         Doctor of Physical Therapy
Tanner Kerr                         Junior         Doctor of Physical Therapy

Seattle Pacific                           Gabe Colosimo                   Junior         Psychology
Hunter Eisenhower              Senior         Exercise Science
Trey Miller                           Junior         Accounting
EJ Poulsen                         Senior         Computer Science
Sam Simpson                     Senior         Biochemistry
Nathan Streufert                  Senior         Physiology
Connor Van Dyken              Junior         Health and Fitness Education
Coleman Wooten                Senior         Accounting

Seattle                                      Jacob Spurgeon                  Junior         Business Administration in Management

Seton Hall                                 Michael Nzei                       Senior         Economics
Romaro Gill                         Junior         Social & Behavioral Sciences

Shenandoah                              Jordan Hunter                      Senior         Sport Management
Jonah Meredith                   Senior         Economics and Finance

Shepherd                                  Steffen Davis                      Senior         Communications
Gavin McTavish                  Senior         Psychology
Derek McKnight                  Junior         Data Analytics

Simpson                                   Sam Amsbaugh                  Senior         Exercise Science
Taylor Filbert                       Junior         Economics & Finance
Cayce Good                       Junior         Political Science
Kam Hartung                       Junior         Biology/Pre-Med
Ben Rajewski                      Junior         Biochemistry
Tyler Stumbo                      Junior         Physical Education

Sioux Falls                                Thomas Aase                      Senior         Business Administration
Zach Wessels                     Senior         Exercise Science
Drew Guebert                      Junior         Business Administration
Jacoby Odegaard                Junior         Business Administration
Aaron Rothermund              Junior         Psychology

South Carolina Upstate              Jure Span                           Junior         Exercise and Sport Science

SMU                                         James Pyle                         Junior         Finance

South Dakota School of Mines   Logan Elders                      Junior         Metallurgical Engineering
Tristan Von Nieda                Junior         Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Fiddler                   Junior         Mechanical Engineering
Jake Heath                          Junior         Interdisciplinary Sciences
Jacob Anastasi                   Senior         Chemical Engineering
Troy Brady                          Junior         Civil Engineering
Jordan Rood                       Senior         Mining Engineering
Trey Smith                          Junior         Civil Engineering

South Dakota State                   Mike Daum                         Senior         Advertising

Southeastern Oklahoma            Jose Libanio                       Senior         Business Marketing
Stefan Rosic                       Senior         Business Management
Jett Jobe                            Junior         Mathematics

Southern Connecticut                Luke Beesley                      Junior         Exercise Science
Jerry Luckett                       Senior         Interdisciplinary Studies

Southern Illinois                        Jaylen McCoy                     Junior         Psychology
Edwardsville                           D’Quan Applewhite              Junior         Exercise Science

Southern Illinois
Carbondale                            Marcus Bartley                    Junior         Sport Administration

Southern Utah                           Matt Johnson                      Junior         Exercise Science

Southwestern College                Myron Fisher                       Senior         Mid-Level Mathematics
Jacob Horsch                      Senior         Business Administration
Andrei St. Vistal                  Senior         General Studies
Kyrence Mills                      Junior         Physical Education
Brent Smith                         Junior         Physical Education

Southwestern University (TX)     Ryan Ogden                       Senior         Economics
Stan Kannegieter                 Junior         Mathematics and Economics

Southwestern Oklahoma State   Collin Jennings                    Senior         Pre-Law
Nick Shoemaker                  Senior         Business
Luke Lewallen                     Senior         Business

Spring Hill                                 Matevz Rojic                       Senior         Actuarial Mathematics
Chase Shellman                  Junior         Management/Marketing

Springfield                                Brandon Eckles                   Senior         Communication/Sports Journalism
Kevin Durkin                       Junior         Sport Management
Benjamin Diamond              Senior         Communication/Sports Journalism
Cam Earle                           Junior         Computer and Information Sciences

St. Cloud State                          Brindley Theisen                  Junior         Accounting
Jon Averkamp                     Senior         Accounting
Andy Foley                         Senior         Accounting
Adam Heede-Anderson        Junior         Communication Studies
St. Edward’s                             Sean Watkins                      Senior         Finance
Cory Mckendree                  Senior         Kinesiology
Lucas Doria                        Senior         Finance

St. Norbert                                Mitchell Reinthaler               Senior         Accounting
Taylor Penn                        Senior         Biology
Riley Haas                          Junior         Communication
Brian Luteyn                        Senior         Biology
Brett O’Sullivan                   Senior         Business

Stanford                                   Dorian Pickens                    Senior         Communications

Sterling                                     Trey Dubbert                       Junior         Exercise Science
Christian Ohler                    Junior         Sports Management
Keith Price                          Junior         Exercise Science
Tim Hendrixson                   Junior         Sports Management

Stevens Institute                        Frank Amari                        Senior         Business & Technology
of Technology                       Connor Barron                     Junior         Business & Technology
Ryan Coffey                       Junior         Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Cook                     Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Cosgrove         Senior         Business & Technology
Jayson Winick                     Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Florio                        Junior         Finance
John Nutaitis                       Junior         Mechanical Engineering

Stony Brook                              Tyrell Sturdivant                  Senior         Business Management
Bryan Sekunda                   Senior         Business Management
Akwasi Yeboah                   Junior         Health Science

Suffolk                                     Warfa Abdillahl                    Junior         Marketing
Jim Djema                           Senior         Finance
Steven DiPrizio                   Junior         Marketing
Michael Hagopian               Junior         Finance

SUNY Geneseo                         CJ Burke                             Junior         Business Administration
Ben Swisher                        Junior         Economics
Charlie Zaepfel                   Senior         Biology

SUNY Old Westbury                  David Rodriguez                  Junior         Business Administration

Susquehanna                            Glen Nanius                        Senior         Business
Tyler Hoagland                    Junior         Finance
Adam Dizbond                    Senior         Business
Seth Callahan                      Junior         Biology

Swarthmore                               Lee Martin                           Junior         Pre-Major
Zack Yonda                        Senior         Economics
Cam Wiley                          Junior         Philosophy, History
Jim Lammers                       Senior         Engineering
Robbie Walsh                      Senior         Engineering, Mathematics

Tarleton State                           Jesse Hill                            Junior         Business
Jaraan Lands                      Junior         Business Management

Temple                                     Steve Leonard                     Senior         Media Studies and Production

Texas (Austin)                           Ryan McClurg                     Senior         Finance

Texas Rio Grande Valley           Lew Stallworth                     Senior         Mass Communication
Jordan Jackson                   Junior         Mass Communication

Texas-San Antonio                    Toby Van Ry                       Senior         Multi-Disciplinary Studies
Austin Karrer                       Senior         History

Texas Lutheran                          Matthew Gillette                  Senior         Social Studies Education
Shawn Hamilton                  Junior         Kinesiology
Nathan Josephs                  Junior         Business/Management
Jacob Kouremetis               Junior         Business/Accounting
Jackson Willoughby            Junior         Sport & Fitness

Texas State                              Deris Duncan                      Senior         Psychology

Texas Tech                               Justin Gray                         Senior         Public Relations
Norense Odiase                  Senior         Media Strategies
Andrew Sorrells                   Junior         Kinesiology

The Citadel                               Zane Najdawi                      Junior         Sport Management
Matt Frierson                       Junior         Sport Management

The College of New Jersey        Elias Bermudez                   Senior         Engineering Management
Liam Byrne                         Junior         Business Management
Joseph Montano                 Junior         Engineering Management

The College of Saint Rose         Matt Cerutti                         Junior         Business
Jamaal Greenwood             Senior         Business
Shane Herrity                      Junior         Business
Jack Jones                         Senior         Business
Julian Lipinski                     Senior         Business
Anthony Russell                  Senior         Business
Michael Wearne                   Junior         Business

The College of St. Scholastica   Zacharia Dahlman               Senior         Finance
Connor Gray                       Junior         Nursing
Brandon Newman                Junior         Mathematics
Nate Weets                         Junior         Management
Dylan Zimmerman               Senor         Management

The College of Wooster             Derek Schwarz                    Senior         Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Ari Stern                             Senior         Psychology
Reece Dupler                      Junior         Business Economics

Thomas More                            Ryne Callahan                     Junior         Management Information Systems
Brandon Horne                    Junior         Management Information Systems
Michael Griffin                    Senior         Education

Transylvania                              Tristan Burgess                   Senior         Exercise Science
Cooper Theobald                 Junior         Business Administration

Trine                                         Pete Smith                          Junior         Management
Sean Corcoran                    Junior         Exercise Science

Trinity University (TX)                 Matt Jones                          Senior         Business/Finance
Matthew Colliflower             Junior         Mathematics
Taylor Kim                          Junior         Communications
Danny Rivara                      Junior         Business/Finance

Truett McConnell                       Jacob Booke                      Junior         Education-Middle Grades
Christian Davis                    Junior         Business Administration
Filipe Goncalves                  Junior         Psychology
Jackson Britton                   Junior         Business Administration

Tulsa                                        Alex Foree                          Junior         Mechanical Engineering

UMBC                                       Joe Sherburne                     Senior         Financial Economics
Ishmail Jabbie                     Junior         Mathematics

UMSL                                       Dewan White                       Senior         Education
Eric Dust                            Junior         Business

UNC Asheville                           Kevin Vannatta                    Senior         Accounting

UNC Charlotte                           Corey Bias                          Senior         Computer Engineering

UNC Greensboro                      Marvin Smith                       Senior         Information Technology
Jordy Kuiper                       Senior         Communication Studies
Taqqi Muhammad                Junior         Kinesiology

Union College                           Aaron Gordon                     Senior         Managerial Economics
Garrett Johnson                  Senior         Economics
Brendan Lang                     Junior         Biomedical Engineering
Matthew Liquori                   Senior         Biology
Kevin McNoble                    Junior         Managerial Economics

UNLV                                        Shakur Juiston                    Junior         Sociology

Upper Iowa                               Quentin Blaue                     Junior         Business Administration
Mitch Eighme                      Senior         Communication Studies
Munachiso Okonkwo           Junior         Exercise/Sport Studies
Carson Parker                     Senior         Physical Education

Urbana                                      Aarmanni Garnett                Senior         Exercise Science
Aaron Washington               Senior         Marketing
Malik Jacobs                      Junior         Sports Management

Ursinus                                     Paul Cottam                        Junior         Economics
Remi Janicot                       Senior         Pre-Med Neuroscience
Brian Rafferty                     Senior         Economics
Matt Williams                      Junior         Economics

Utah                                         Nate Duda                          Junior         Business

Utah Valley                               Corey Calvert                      Junior         Communications
Akolda Manyang                 Senior         Communications
Isaac Neilson                      Senior         Business Management
Connor Toolson                  Junior         Communications
McKay Johnson                  Junior         Business Management
Daniel Nyman                      Junior         Business Management
Jake Toolson                      Junior         Communications

Villanova                                   Jalen Brunson                     Senior         Communication
Tim Delaney                        Junior         Finance
Peyton Heck                       Junior         Finance
Matt Kennedy                      Senior         Finance
Tom Leibig                          Senior         Communication
Tim Saunders                      Junior         Marketing

Wake Forest                             Britton Anderson                 Senior         Finance
Troy Rike                            Senior         Business & Enterprise Management
Aaron Spivey                      Junior         Economics

Waldorf                                    Shay Motter                        Junior         Biology
Alex Tastad                         Senior         Education

Warner                                      Andrew Lamb                      Senior         English
Nick Macon                         Junior         General Studies

Wartburg                                   Bo Bader                            Senior         Business Administration
Colten Connelly                   Senior         Business Administration
Josh Gehling                       Junior         Business Administration
Cam Kickbush                    Junior         Accounting
Trevor Larson                      Senor         Physical Education
Cameron Schult                  Senior         Business Administration
Nate Woeste                       Senior         Biochemistry
Connor Schult                     Junior         Engineering Science

Washington and Lee                  Nicholas George                 Senior         Mathematics/Economics
Clayton Murtha                    Senior         Accounting/Business Administration
Michael Hegar                     Senior         Business Administration

Washington U. in St. Louis         Benjamin French                 Senior         Biology
Jake Knapp                        Senior         Biology
Andrew Sanders                  Senior         Psychological and Brain Sciences
David Schmelter                  Senior         Marketing
Alexander “Sasha” Sobolev Senior         Biomedical Engineering
Peter French                       Senior         Mechanical Engineering

Wayne State (MI)                       Nick Mutebi                         Senior         Business Management

Waynesburg                              Jon Knab                            Senior         Middle Level/Secondary Education
Mike Nugent                        Senior         Finance
Clay Carper                         Junior         Public Relations

Webster                                    Parker Van Nest                  Senior         Management/Business Administration
Dominic Newton                  Senior         Computer Science

West Florida                             Marvin Jones                      Senior         Sports Management

West Liberty                              Evan French                        Senior         Exercise Physiology
James Griffin                      Senior         Management
Tyler Primmer                      Senior         Business

West Texas A&M                      Ryan Quaid                         Junior         Finance/Accounting
Ryan Gerber                       Senior         SES Sports Management

West Virginia                             Jevon Carter                        Senior         Sport Management

Western Illinois                          James Claar                        Junior         Biology-Medical Science
Chris Snyder                       Senior         Finance
Brandon Gilbeck                 Junior         Recreation, Park & Tourism Management
Jordan Hughes                    Junior         Mathematics/Teacher Education
Ryan Maas                         Junior         Law Enforcement/Justice Enforcement

Western Michigan                      Seth Dugan                         Junior         Finance
Bryce Moore                       Junior         Accounting

Westminster (PA)                      Jarret Vrabel                       Senior         Biochemistry
Dylan O’Hara                       Junior         Early Childhood/Special Education

Wheaton (IL)                             Aston Francis                      Junior         Business/Economics
Reagan Jones                     Junior         Communication
Zack Kvam                         Senior         Business/Economics
Luke Peters                        Junior         Business/Economics
Ricky Samuelson                 Senior         Business/Economics

Willamette                                 Dylan Critchfield                  Senior         Computer Science
Trent Callan                        Junior         Computer Science
Brendon McCullough           Senior         Biochemistry
Jordan Jenkins                    Junior         Economics
Nico Troplent                       Senior         Economics
Caleb Roberts                     Junior         Civic Communication and Media
Jameson Willems                Junior         Spanish
Nathan Sherfey                   Senior         Economics

William & Mary                          Matt Milon                           Junior         Finance

William Carey                            Peyton Owen                       Senior         English
John Cornish                       Senior         Business Administration

Wilson                                      Keion Adams                      Senior         Exercise Science
Marquise Beckett                Senior         Environmental Science
Martez Beckett                    Senior         Environmental Science
Ian Frazier                           Junior         Communications

Winona State                            Tommy Gathje                     Junior         Data Sciences

Wisconsin-Eau Claire                 Daniel Becken                     Senior         Math & Physics
Steve Christiansen               Junior         Kinesiology

Wisconsin-Oshkosh                   Kyle Beyak                         Junior         Radiological Science
Ben Boots                          Junior         Finance
Charlie Noone                     Senior         Accounting & Finance

Wisconsin-Parkside                   Espen Flaerestad                Senior         Business Management & Finance
Goran Zagorac                    Senior         Business Management
Adam Bonk                         Junior         Marketing

Wisconsin-River Falls                Isaac Castellano                  Senior         Biology Education
Devin Buckley                     Senior         Business Management
Brennan Witt                       Senior         Business Management
Austin Heidecker                 Junior         Business Management/Economics

Wright State                              Adam Giles                         Junior         Supply Chain Management
Alan Vest                            Junior         Financial Services (Business)
Bill Wampler                        Junior         Management (Business)

Yale                                          Eric Anderson                     Senior         Economics
Alex Copeland                    Junior         Political Science
Trey Phills                           Junior         Sociology
Thomas Ryan                      Junior         Political Science

Yeshiva                                    Tal Gweta                           Junior         Accounting
Justin Hod                          Junior         Finance
Ethan Gipsman                   Senior         Biology/Public Health

York                                         Dalton Myers                       Senior         Masters of Business Administration
Matt Scamuffo                    Senior         Mathematics
Blayde Reich                       Senior         Mechanical Engineering
Nolan Smith                        Senior         Business Administration

About the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC)
Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the NABC was founded in 1927 by Phog Allen, the legendary basketball coach at the University of Kansas. Allen, a student of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, organized coaches into this collective group to serve as Guardians of the Game. The NABC currently has nearly 5,000 members consisting primarily of university and college men’s basketball coaches. All members of the NABC are expected to uphold the core values of being a Guardian of the Game by bringing attention to the positive aspects of the sport of basketball and the role coaches play in the academic and athletic lives of today’s student-athletes. The four core values of being a Guardian of the Game are advocacy, leadership, service and education. For additional information about the NABC, its programs and membership, go to

Press Release Credit: Bryan Messerly- WVU Athletics Communications

Photo Credit: Kelsie LeRose, BGS


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