Holgorsen addresses the media prior to Sunday's practice

Holgorsen addresses the media prior to Sunday's practice

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Holgorsen addresses the media prior to Sunday's practice

Breathe that sigh of relief Mountaineer fans. Football is back. Head coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the media ahead of Sunday’s practice, where the atmosphere showed the eagerness to get to the season.

Sunday’s practice was day three of fall ball, which Coach Holgorsen quickly reminded everyone about and joked to not ask him how the team looked this early into the practice schedule.

“Basically, the first two practices that we’ve had are just an extension of our summer workouts,” Holgorsen said. “So, I don’t really need any questions about how the team looks or anything like that, we’re going to find that out here in a few minutes.”

Coach Holgorsen also touched on what the difference between this season and last season may be. His answer was plain and simple, “Maturity.”

Holgorsen went on to say ” . . . I’m much more comfortable with what I’m doing. I go back to last year, being in a little different role last year, this conversation could last a long time as far as we weren’t exactly where we wanted to be last year at this point in time. I didn’t know how game day was going to go . . . Just from an overall maturity point of view, I think this team is light years ahead of many of the teams I’ve had since I’ve been here.”

The team’s schedule, specifically its intensity toward the latter half of the season, was brought up in question to Holgorsen. The head coach did not seem to be entirely phased by the way the schedule plays itself out, so much so that he was not even aware of what the actual schedule was.

“I don’t know our schedule; I think we play Kansas State in our first Big 12 game, I think. I know the first three nonconference games, especially one against Tennessee in Charlotte,” Holgorsen remarked. “It does us no good to think about the Big 12; you’re playing everybody every year. When you play them, it doesn’t matter. You have to play them all, so it doesn’t matter to us. Our analysts get a week ahead, but coaches and players do not get a week ahead.”

Coach Holgorsen went on to point out that his team has a sense of maturity going into this season and that they are focused on game one. The Mountaineers open the season against Tennessee in Charlotte, which has been stated more times than any of us can count. Now that fall practice is officially underway, the Mountaineers can really focus on that first game and the goals they look to achieve throughout the 2018 season.

Sit back and get ready, this season could shape up to be something special.


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