Veteran receivers guiding freshman newcomers

Veteran receivers guiding freshman newcomers

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Veteran receivers guiding freshman newcomers

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–One thing that is different for West Virginia this fall camp is that the veteran wide receivers can be seen paired up with incoming young newcomers.

Wide receivers coach Tyron Carrier decided to pair some of the seasoned wide outs with the new faces in order to help them develop quicker.

It’s a lot of teaching,” senior Gary Jennings said. “Carrier has put that responsibility on the majority of the older guys with giving us a younger guy to follow around.”

Jennings is paired with Randy Fields Jr. Redshirt sophomore T.J. Simmons is matched with Sam James while David Sills V is with Bryce Wheaton.

“That’s just to help those guys out,” head coach Dana Holgorsen said. “We can coach them two hours a week in the summer, which isn’t very much. So you want those guys to be able to do what they do by following them around and do what they do. We have four older backup receivers. We have four starters. I’m not going to tell you who they are but my mind is set right now. We have four starters, four backups that have been here three or four years and then we have four freshman under them. I’m trying to get those freshman to be number twos. The backups right now should be panicking because the older guys are helping the youngsters to bear out the older backup guys.”

With this new technique, the freshman are able to learn from the best.

“We’re able to tell them what they’re going to be dealing with, what they’re doing wrong and how to approach things moving forward,” offensive coordinator Jake Spavital said.

The coaching staff hopes this helps the newbies become acclimated to the offense sooner.

“They’re getting better every day,” Carrier said. “The thing is, we have a couple more practices, and I’m giving them different challenges every day, certain things they need to work on. I spend a lot of time in the meeting room, and those young guys are probably nowhere near used to spending that much time with the film on. But they’ve bought into it. I step out of the meeting room, and they’re in there with the older guys asking questions, learning different types of little tricks to use on the field. They’re doing a good job right now; the biggest thing is just getting those guys ready slowly and not trying put too much on them at one time.”

Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS


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