Coach Holgorsen looks toward continued success in fall practice

Coach Holgorsen looks toward continued success in fall practice

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Coach Holgorsen looks toward continued success in fall practice

Over the weekend, head coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the media, giving a brief update on the state of his team as fall practices continue on. Coach Holgorsen has been focused on getting the team in the football in the right mindset going into what is turning into a much-talked about season. So far, it seems as though the head coach is liking what he’s seeing from his players. Practice is off to a good start for the season.

“I’m happy with where we’re at right now. The energy’s been good, the work’s been good. This is the hardest part of what our camp is going to be right now. We have three more days of camp, and then school starts. We tried to have a long day yesterday, and everybody’s sore today,” Holgorsen said. “Then, we have to switch gears a little bit. I’m happy up until this point, but it’s a whole other animal when these kids have to go to school. Then, getting them here in the afternoon, after having gone to school, refocusing them, continuing to get work done and going into a game-week situation – that’s practice prior to a game-week situation – that’s the real deal. It goes fast. It’ll be upon us before you know it.”

In this most recent media session, Coach Holgorsen was able to shed some light on how the team is preparing for the first game of the season and the team’s access to Tennessee information thus far.

“The scouting report is done. It’s been done for about a month. There’s a book on my desk – I haven’t looked at it yet – there’s an offensive book on my desk that thick and a defensive book on my desk that thick and a special teams book on my desk that thick of as much information as they’ve been able to gather. It’s going to be valuable on Sundays after a game. The first game, we get two weeks. We prepare for our opponent two weeks before the first game, which is going to be a week from tomorrow. So, when we come in a week from tomorrow, it’s going to be an off day, and I’m going to open that book, and we’re going to start diving into it. It’s going to save coaches a lot of time; there’s going to be information in there that we probably wouldn’t be able to get if we didn’t have somebody that was constantly doing it all summer and throughout camp as well.”

The head coach concluded his conversations with the media by pointing out two season-ending injuries for the team. Both freshman, Dillon Spalding and Mike O’Laughlin had surgery and will miss the season due to their injuries.

As the Mountaineers round up practice prior to the start of the fall semester at school, it is evident that there is an eagerness and desire for success coming from all parts of the team. Starting at the top down, Coach Holgorsen is instilling the desire to win and faith in their program as the team gets ready to open the 2018 season in a few short weeks.


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