Coach Holgorsen ready for uncertainties of Game One

Coach Holgorsen ready for uncertainties of Game One

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Coach Holgorsen ready for uncertainties of Game One

Game week is here. West Virginia’s first matchup of the 2018 season, against the Tennessee Volunteers, has been talked about long enough and now the game week is here. Head coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the media Tuesday afternoon in his weekly media address where he spoke about the Volunteers, their program and the unknowns that are always lurking with the first game of the season.

The unknowns are always a concern; from the coaching staff, to the media, to the hyped up fans. Facing the Volunteers, there are a few more uncertainties to be determined Saturday afternoon than other games. Tennessee is coming off of a losing-record season, starting under a new head coach and has yet to name a starting quarterback. For Coach Holgorsen, the unknowns is just a part of the job, something you have to face in this line of work.

“There are a lot of unknowns. We’re expecting them to be very multiple on offense; we don’t know which quarterback they are going to go with,” Holgorsen said. “It’s always game one, this more than others in recent past as far as how quick can we make adjustments with what they do. They’re going to probably have to make a few adjustments with what we do as well; that’s just what game ones are about.”

Coach Holgorsen was asked about the importance of winning Saturday’s game against the SEC’s Volunteers. Holgorsen has never been one to mince words, and did not hold back when saying that every game is important to win, regardless of the opponent (or the conference they represent).

“I don’t even think that way, honestly. You can say, ‘Well, this one is a big game.” They’re all big games, and I know from a media perspective, and probably from a fanbase perspective, some are more important than others. It’s not how you approach it when it’s your job and when it’s your livelihood,” Holgorsen remarked. “Every game is important, and you need to try to win every one of them, regardless of the magnitude of it, where it’s at, who it’s against. I just really, honestly, can’t comment on that based on the fact it doesn’t register very much.”

Coach Holgorsen addressed the latest of comments he made about the Tennessee depth chart in his weekly Coach Holgorsen show. Holgorsen was asked about the “ORs” listed in Tennessee’s depth chart, and his comment has been talked about on various forms of social media since. Judging from Holgersen’s remarks Tuesday on Monday’s now known statement, the ORs listed on the Volunteers depth chart were not an actual surprise.

“I think Tony (Caridi) put those words in my mouth. Somebody told me the Tennessee people are mad at me because I said that, but I put that on Tony. They could have put ‘or’ on every single one of them, it wouldn’t have changed my outlook on looking at that depth chart. Isn’t that what I said to you guys basically from the first day I got here?”

Coach Holgorsen is never one to walk away from something he says; regardless of how it is interpreted and this seems to be the same case. Holgorsen knows a depth chart never quite has all the answers one looks for when going over the opponent’s depth charts.

“You can have this depth chart if you want to, but you might as well assume there’s an ‘or’ everywhere, because that’s a constant work-in-progress. That was not unexpected whatsoever, and it didn’t make me look at that depth chart any differently. It affects nothing. It absolutely affects nothing.”

Coach Holgorsen sounds just as excited as everyone else for the Mountaineers to take the field Saturday afternoon. Holgorsen looks at the game from a strict business perspective, but it’s obvious the coach is ready to see his team get out on the field, show off their hard work and have a little fun.

The Mountaineers kick off the 2018 season Saturday at 3:30 EST versus the Tennessee Volunteers in Charlotte, NC.



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