West Virginia-Tennessee Staff Predictions

West Virginia-Tennessee Staff Predictions

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West Virginia-Tennessee Staff Predictions

It’s here, Mountaineer football is on the short end of the horizon. The Mountaineers and the Tennessee Volunteers face off the Charlotte Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium Saturday September 1st. The game has literally been talked about for months, and now it is time to see if the game lives up to all of the hype.

Check out what our staff writers have to say about the game and what they think:

Shanna: “I think WVU’s offense is going to be too much for the Volunteers. The Mountaineers have a fierce receiving corps for Will Grier to throw too. But they also have a talented group of running backs that pose a threat. WVU’s defense is a concern after last season but I think if the defense flops, the offense can outscore Tennessee’s.”

WVU 42, Tennessee 24

Ashley: “I’m hoping that the West Virginia offense show up with the ferocity and tenacity we think they have and that the offense shines against Tennessee’s defense. Tennessee has the makings of a good team and will likely improve through this season, and hopefully finish up better than last year. But Saturday’s game is all West Virginia and another time for Will Grier to shine. ”

WVU 38, Tennessee 21

Isaac: “Neutral site games are always interesting, and are a great way to start a season. WVU already has the biggest advantage in this game, which is knowing who their starting QB is going into this game. You would assume new Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt knows who will take the snaps Saturday for the Volunteers, but it does not change the fact that WVU has one of the most experienced offenses in the country that should be able to score at will. That will be enough to put WVU over the top in this games. WVU still has some questions that need to be answered on defense mainly on the outside at corner, but Tennessee is going to need a magical day on offense in order to keep up with this potent offense led by Will Grier. The Mountaineers should be able to run away with this game.”

WVU 38, Tennessee 17

Brandon: “Even though Tennessee fans think they are the world’s greatest team because they play in the SEC and play Alabama every year, I’m going with WVU to win this one. WVU will be breaking in new faces in this one who will become household names to fans very shortly. Players like Kenny Bigelow, Jabril Robinson and Alec Sinkfield will contribute in this game and all year long. Will Grier will throw for 385 yards and Gary Jennings will lead the way with 10 catches for about 140 yards with two TD’s surpassing his season total of last year.”

WVU 38, Tennessee 21

Layne: “West Virginia’s offense opens the season where it left off under the leadership of Will Grier and has a big day through the air.  The offensive line is able to hold their own against the Volunteer’s front seven and allows the Mountaineers to have a balanced run and air attack. The defense keeps Tennessee from matching WVU on the scoreboard but allows some big plays through the air and in the ground game.”
WVU 39, Tennessee 21
Franklin: “WVU starts strong and never looks back. Grier leads team to 10-14 point half time lead. Offense struggles a bit late but holds on for win.”
WVU 37, Tennessee 31
Tell us, what’s your prediction?


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