Tennessee Fans Sure Do Talk a Big Game Before Getting Slaughtered

Tennessee Fans Sure Do Talk a Big Game Before Getting Slaughtered

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Tennessee Fans Sure Do Talk a Big Game Before Getting Slaughtered

If the Tennessee football team played as well as their fans talked trash, the Volunteers would have broken every college football record ever invented this past weekend in the Belk Kickoff Classic.

I was there to see and hear a lot of it.

While walking through the wild and crazy streets of Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend, I tried to take everything in and cement it in my memories for stories that I can tell in the future.

After arriving on Friday night and checking into the hotel (Wingate by Wyndham, very nice), my crew of myself and five others decided to explore the city a bit.

We looked for parking spaces for about 15 minutes and finally ended up in a parking garage.

We headed towards the inner city which I believe is referred to as uptown rather than downtown and saw Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton sitting in a huge chair on the sidewalk doing an interview with a reporter.

From there we ate at a nice little pizza joint before ending up in the overcrowded Whiskey River bar, which was the Mountaineer fan hot spot. That place was crazy to say the least.

I hit the pillow at about 2:30 AM only to be back up by 6:30 to start getting ready for the gameday experience.

We parked in another parking garage on Church Street and went towards the WVU alumni tailgate tent where Mountaineer fans, including former basketball player Nathan Adrian, were hanging out. Prior to getting there, we stopped and watched the SEC network broadcast of “Gameday” and saw Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum. After all that was over, four hours later, we headed toward Bank of America Stadium, and there is where the Tennessee fans made their presence felt.

I overheard two WVU fans talking and one said to the other “Well, I guess we are inbred, that’s what that guy told us,” pointing to a guy dressed in burnt orange.

When we got to our seats, there were two Volunteer fans sitting in two of our reserved six. After they finally left, a guy behind us told me, “Thank God you guys showed up. Those two were already running their mouths.” To which I laughed and said, “Well that wouldn’t have lasted long.”

Why are fans of ALL SEC teams like that? They think just because they are in the same conference with Alabama that it automatically makes them better than anyone else in the nation. So with that insane thought in their simple minds, they just continue to spout nonsense. They also hit social media to down the Mountaineers while putting themselves on the almighty pedestal before the game.

“I don’t know why they (WVU) want to play this game. Big 12 door Mat U. Only thing that comes from this game is confirmation West Virginia didn’t deserve an invite to the SEC. They don’t even belong in a Power 5 conference,” one knowledgeable Vols fan tweeted.

My personal favorite was the fella that said. “West Virginia is gonna get their inbred DNA beat out of ’em come Saturday. Going to be a long trip back home when you get exposed on the national scene.”

Ahhhh, the never-gets-old inbred reference. I hadn’t heard that joke since the two guys in the concourse area were discussing it. So, since Saturday.

These people are such good prognosticators that I haven’t seen or heard from them since Saturday about 8:00 PM. I was thinking of putting up some flyers or a social media “Missing Alert” out to see if they could be found. I’m literally worried about them.

I’m really worried that they didn’t see Heisman hopeful quarterback Will Grier throw for 429 yards and five touchdowns, and if not for a couple rare bad throws by number 7 and a drop by David Sills, those numbers would have eclipsed 500 yards and six touchdowns. Those are the most passing yards Tennessee has ever allowed.

Speaking of Sills, he hauled in seven catches for 140 yards and a couple TD’s after leading the country in that category last year. Gary Jennings dominated the game from his receiver spot and made big catches to the tune of six grabs for 113 yards and a score.

When it was all said and done, the Mountaineers had clobbered Tennessee 40-14 and it honestly could have been and maybe should have been worse. WVU rolled up 547 yards of total offense. The Volunteers had just 301. West Virginia dominated quarters one, three and four.

Thousands, literally thousands of Mountaineer fans stayed to sing Country Roads after the game. Find it online, it’s there and it’s viral. Tennessee fans stormed out in droves before the game was officially over. I guess maybe they were singing BYE BYE BYE by N’sync?

Now to be fair, we did talk to some nice down-to-earth Vols fans so not all of them live in fantasy land. It’s just the ones that do make the victories taste much sweeter.

While leaving the game down the exit ramps in the concourse area, the WVU fans started a huge roar of yells, screams and whistles. It seriously sounded just as loud as it was when the team scored, and they scored A LOT. Everyone had chills. The next wave of people were singing country roads while exiting the building. I could hear it from the street that was flooded in blue and gold.

But where was the orange?

They were already at their cars and to the first exit out of town.

That’s fine. At least they were finally quiet.


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