Grier's offense not only storm brewing this week

Grier's offense not only storm brewing this week

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Grier's offense not only storm brewing this week

Will Grier has accounted for over 700 yards in West Virginia’s two victories of the 2018 season and has his eyes set on a big season. With that comes the third and final game of the team’s non-conference schedule, facing off against the NC State Wolfpack in Raleigh this coming Saturday.

However, there seems to be an unwanted and uninvited guest making their way to the East Coast and potentially throwing a wrench in the plans for both the Mountaineers and the Wolfpack. Hurricane Florence is making her presence known, and could affect the site of the game and playin the game entirely.

For those Mountaineer fans who do not have experience living in the Southern part of the country, hurricane season tends to throw wrenches in plans on occasion. The Mountaineers were planning on a repeat trip to North Carolina, looking to show up with their explosive offense and stir up some trouble in Raleigh. Florence may beat them to it, causing potential commotion for both teams.

If Hurricane Florence continues on the path at the moment, there is a chance the storm could make landfall at up to a Category 4 hurricane, leaving major devastation in its path. Much like the Mountaineers hope to do on the field Saturday.

Will Grier has done quite the job of showing off the skills of both himself and the offense, and Mountaineers fans have planned on traveling back to North Carolina in the hopes of upsetting another non-conference opponent. Unfortunately, these plans may be diverted. The decision on the game is still up in the air, but there are several options that the athletic directors of both teams could explore.

The game could be moved a day to Sunday, the home and away series could reverse the locations, the game could sadly be canceled or there is the possibility that the game could be hosted at a neutral site; possibly Charlotte. Mountaineers fans wouldn’t hate a return to the Queen City, returning to the start of West Virginia’s storm through the non-conference schedule.

Many Mountaineers have looked forward to a second weekend in North Carolina (yours truly), making two away games in one season relatively easy to travel to (again speaking for myself). As I pack and prepare my house here in the low country of South Carolina, I can’t help but think how lovely that offense would look in Raleigh causing some commotion for an ACC team.

Both athletic directors of West Virginia and NC State will do everything in their power to make sure this game goes on, with the safety of the team and fans as a top priority. As someone who has lived in a hurricane area for plenty of years, sometimes storms are no joke and it looks like Miss Florence wants to outshine those spectacular quarterback skills Will Grier should be showing off again in North Carolina.

The status of both Hurricane Florence and the West Virginia-NC State game are both up in the air right now, but darn it would be nice to see Grier stir up a storm in his home state for the Mountaineers once more.


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