From the Film Room: Youngstown State

From the Film Room: Youngstown State

WVU Football

From the Film Room: Youngstown State

Here WVU executes a well blocked inside zone running play. Youngstown State has four down lineman but only one linebacker in the immediate area behind that lineman as the rest are out in coverage trying to stop the passing attack. Will Grier changes the play, pre-snap when he sees the personnel in the box and WVU takes advantage of the alignment and hands the ball off to Martell Pettaway for a right yard gain.


In this play you see the same inside zone play executed exceptionally well. The offensive line is able to climb to the second level, block the YSU linebacker and gives Pettaway a clear path. Pettaway_Inside_Zone_YSU_2.gifMontgomery VanGorder, the Penguins quarterback had an impressive day running the ball. Robinson though instead of squeezing his offensive tackle down the line of scrimmage, reads the QB keeper and makes a large tackle for loss. To be proficient on defense teams have to be proficient at defending these quarterback choice plays. Read-Pass-Options and other plays where the quarterback has a choice to either hand off the ball to a running back, make a quick throw or keep it them self are essential to may college offenses. Robinson’s defense of this here is a key sign of the Mountaineers practicing and coaching to stop this exact attack.



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