More than average Monday: Grier & Co visit WVU Children’s

More than average Monday: Grier & Co visit WVU Children’s

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More than average Monday: Grier & Co visit WVU Children’s

Coming off the heels of Saturday’s Big 12 win, quarterback Will Grier was starting his week with a smile. Not just for the win, but likely because he and his internet-famous brothers spent a few hours giving back to the University’s community. Giving back in the best way.

Will and his celeb-brothers Nash and Hayes took time out of their day to stop by WVU Children’s Medicine for a visit. Alongside the Grier trio was the quarterback’s right hand on the field, David Sills V. Something so small as to go spend a little time with the University’s youngest and smallest Mountaineers, probably means the world to those children.

The three brothers and Sills made an appearance at the hospital, per social media, where they visited and said hello to these little Mountaineer fans. This is just one more way the football program is using their platform to highlight WVU Children’s.


The football team this season has added a new stop in their pregame Man Trip tradition. Now, upon getting to the top of the stadium on Saturday game days, the football team turns to way at the children’s hospital. Learning from the great joy waving gives all at Iowa Hawkeye games, Grier and gang now take a second on Saturday’s to show that there is always something bigger than football.

To many in Morgantown, in that hospital, Will Grier is major celebrity, like his brother, so for a few moments in the day of these children, they could forget about their illnesses and smile at these guys who know there’s more to life than football and social media; it’s about doing something for others.

Well done boys.


Photo Credit: WVU Football


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