Homecoming win just a little sweeter for Reese Donahue

Homecoming win just a little sweeter for Reese Donahue

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Homecoming win just a little sweeter for Reese Donahue

Homecoming week and the football game that culminates the week is always full of extra emotion and the desire to win the home game, maybe a little more so than other home games. This Saturday’s win over Kansas had just a little bit of extra motivation for Reese Donahue. Following the early afternoon win, Donahue set the stage for what is sure to be a moment he will never remember.

Right in the center of Mountaineer Field, amidst family, friends, teammates and fans looking on, Donahue dropped to his knees and asked one of the most important questions he could ask to his now fiancee, Sarah Moore. State Trooper Freddie Little played the roll of keeper of the ring, and as the clock ticked down, Donahue realized just how real this situation was about to become.

“Once the game started to get toward the end, my eyes started to widen and it started to get real,” Donahue commented. “I don’t think she had a clue, though, at least I hope she didn’t. It went about as well as I hoped.”

Donahue and Moore met three years ago, and it was known between the two that the proposal was coming in the months ahead. Donahue planned the sweet surprise ending to the Homecoming game for months, going back to May with ring shopping, and made sure to have Moore’s parents flown in from Texas to be present. Donahue’s careful planning from ring, to flights, hiding Moore’s parents and making sure they heard that beloved song all had to line up to make the moment something to remember.

The bride-to-be was kept in the dark about Donahue’s plans for Saturday, exactly as he hoped she would be. It was not until they took off for the center of the field and Moore saw Donahue’s teammates start to react, that she realized just how special this game was about to become.

“Oh my gosh I had absolutely no idea any of this was happening! When he brought me down to the field I just thought he wanted a picture, but as soon as we were heading to the middle of the field and his team started cheering I instantly knew what was going on,” newly engaged Moore told us. “He surprised me with flying my family in from Texas. It was a day to remember!!”

Reese Donahue and now fiancee Sarah Moore share a kiss post game several seasons ago (Photo Courtesy Kelsie LeRose–BGS)


“This has been an ongoing process for like six months,” said Donahue. “All of the guys knew and that was the deal with all of the coaches. Once we got to the hotel on Friday, it was time to lock in and win.”

Donahue and Moore’s relationship was the center focus on Saturday afternoon, but Donahue made a point of highlighting his relationship with his ring keeper. State Trooper Freddie Little has been a bit of a mentor for Donahue, taking part in Bible study together. Donahue had the ring box, held Friday and all day Saturday by Little, inscribed with a Bible verse that he hopes sets the tone for his upcoming marriage; Ephesians “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

Donahue’s chosen inscription shows how he wants to live his life, as he goes forward side by side with Moore as his wife. It is clear that Donahue takes what he learns in Bible study with Little and his teammates to heart, looking to be a role model as time goes on.

“That’s huge to me — that’s something our state troopers help us with and to me, that’s something I hope to mentor to others,” Donahue said. “That was for her and something for others to see in hopes it can be something they can do.”

It was clear that Donahue and his teammates wanted the moment to be just perfect for Reese and Sarah. Judging by the smiles and happy tears, it’s clear that the moment was far greater than perfect. Now the happy couple will have more than just Mountaineer victories to smile and remember about when they think about Mountaineer Field.


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