All focus to be on squashing Frogs Saturday

All focus to be on squashing Frogs Saturday

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All focus to be on squashing Frogs Saturday

For many West Virginia fans, the high from Saturday in Austin (or rather the headache Sunday morning) may be long lingering this week. It goes without saying that the victory in Texas was nothing short of incredible, but all focus and energy needs to be shifted to this Saturday’s noon kick in Morgantown.

The TCU Horned Frogs have upset West Virginia many times before and will be coming into town looking to throw all of West Virginia’s hopes for the post-season up in arms. Saturday’s early game will be a chance for West Virginia to further make a late in the season push for their place in the post-season. TCU should not be taken lightly Saturday.

The TCU-West Virginia games have always been a nail biter and many Mountaineers fans hope this one is simply not that. The Horned Frogs are traveling to Morgantown with one of the toughest defenses that West Virginia will have faced this season. Despite the Horned Frogs being throttled with many injuries, their defense has always been a constant and something to worry about again this season for sure.

Following the 42 points scored this past weekend, West Virginia’s offense will likely be held to a much lower scoring game with the level of defense the Horned Frogs bring to the field. While the Mountaineers will hopefully stay on top of the Frogs for all four quarters, the Mountaineers must not let the win from last week keep them from stomping on the 4-5 Horned Frogs this week in Morgantown.

All fans remember the contentious Horned Frogs games of years past, and a win over West Virginia would help to salvage the season for the Frogs. This is simply something that must not happen on Saturday. Grier and the offense have to come out with more energy and determination than the last minute of the game in Austin. Coach Gibson’s dawgs must come out full force and stop what’s left of TCU’s injury-ridden team.

While this matchup has been one to stress over in the past, this season it seems that if West Virginia can keep their eyes on the big prize, come out with extreme momentum and focus on getting that win and singing ‘Country Roads,’ then the Mountaineers will be one step closer to their December goals.


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