All focus shifts to Sooners on Friday

All focus shifts to Sooners on Friday

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All focus shifts to Sooners on Friday


Saturday’s last minute of football in Stillwater will be a minute that continues to sting for sometime. This sting will either burn worse after Black Friday or be healed with elation. As far as focus goes though, the time is now to shift the thinking toward defeating Oklahoma and punching a ticket to Dallas.

The Mountaineers have one goal in mind this week. Beat Oklahoma. At the end of day, there is nothing else that needs to be a priority this week other than channeling all of the frustrations of what went wrong and turning it into what could be a night at Mountaineer Field to remember.

Everyone knows the fact that West Virginia has not beaten Oklahoma since joining the Big 12, with the last win coming in the Fiesta Bowl over a decade ago. That storyline is basically becoming a tale as old as time, but it does ring true. The Mountaineers are closing in on a chance to finally solidify their place in a conference where many have claimed they have struggled over the years.

The first step in solidifying that spot in the conference happened this season in Austin, where the Mountaineers overcame the Longhorns in a much needed Big 12 signature win. Now the Mountaineers are in control of their own destiny Friday night in Morgantown. The lights will be bright, the air will be frigid (literally) and the eyes will be on the boys in the Old Gold and Blue. That second step needed to take in solidifying West Virginia’s role in the Big 12 is beating Oklahoma and booking that flight to Dallas for December 1.

If the Mountaineers can do what many deem as impossible Friday night in Morgantown, the narrative about the Mountaineers many have started will have to be re-written. This is the time to prove that the Mountaineers are more than middle of the road and can and do compete with the big dogs of the Big 12. The Mountaineers took down the Longhorns in Austin and now they look to stomp the Sooner in Morgantown.

What could be better this holiday weekend than planning a little trip to Dallas in December? This girl can’t think of anything better.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!


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